Saturday, August 29, 2015

And so it begins...Embarking on a Noble Cause

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  1. The "funny" thing about the last picture is that we'd all hugged and boohoo'd for a good 10 minutes... took pictures and finally decided that we could no longer avoid it .... she walked up to the entry.... AND WAS TURNED AWAY! Wrong security check in! We had to go around the corner and watch her weave in and out -- through the general admission line. She got to the line behind the glass walls and had about 10 -15 people before her. Here is the "not-so-funny" thing -- I got distracted -- A guy started talking to John, and I looked down for only a moment, to corral Leavitt and take tabs on the other 4 -- when I looked up again SHE WAS GONE! OHHHH how my heart hurt! I don't think I have ever felt so lost, heartbroken and shocked, Come to find out, they'd opened another security line and whisked her through! She said she looked back at us and waited... until the security told her she could wait no longer.... the whole ordeal still makes me a bit teary. Moral -- don't take your eyes off the goal... even for a moment.