Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to serve 
our Savior Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father 
full time for 18 months in the Sacramento California mission.
 I have met such wonderful people that have helped me and 
I hope that I have helped the, in some way or another. 
As I strive to serve those around me I have gained a sure testimony of 
the Gospel of Jesus Jesus Christ and his love for us. 

  What a wonderful plan Heavenly Father has for me! He knows who I am and who I need to be. He has sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to help me and each of us to come and live with him again! I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I know that he was the perfect example for us! I know that he organized and set up his church on the earth. I know that he called the apostles to help him and ordained them with the priesthood, the power to act in gods name to help others come unto our Savior and help spread the gospel to many! I know that he died for me and for each of us! I know that has he suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane and bore all of our transgressions, pains, hardships of every kind 
so he can succor us. He knows exactly how to ease our burdens. 
I know he suffered and died on the cross because he has so much love for us and wants us to return and live with our Heavenly Father again. 
He really does loves us! 
I know that he rose again that we may live again. 
Because of this wonderful gift to us we can receive hope and light each day. I know that the priesthood authority was lost off the earth 
after Jesus Christ and the apostles died but 
 was restored when John the Baptist, Peter, James, and John ordained Joseph Smith with the priesthood authority of God. 
I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet 
and was called of God to restore Christ Church back on the earth. 
I know he was called of God to translate the Book of Mormon. 
I know that the Book of Mormon is an ancient record 
written by prophets long ago -- is true! 
I know the gospel doctrines stated within are true and 
as we apply them in our lives we can definitely see a better outlook in life, greater gratitude of blessings given to us and to others, a greater knowledge of the gospel, and a testimony of the atonement 
and love from and of our Savior! 
I love the Book of Mormon! 
It has brought so much comfort and understanding into my life. 
This truth has always stayed constant in my life and I
 know that these blessing can come
 to all those who sincerely read and seek to know the words of Christ. 
   I know that the priesthood is a gift from God to help guide, 
comfort and perform miracles on the earth today. 
What wonderful blessings I have receive 
from heeding the counsel given by Him. 
I know that the church is held together with the priesthood and
 that Jesus Christ is at the head of the church.
 I know that President Thomas S. Monson is 
the true and living prophet today -- he has been called of God to guide and lead the church and the world today.
I know that the Quorum of the Twelve are divine guides 
as well as the other leaders of the church. 
I sustain them in there callings. 

I know that as we exercise our faith in we can receive more of that hope. 
I know that as we pray with a sincere desire and and a grateful heart we can receive peace and confirmation of what he has done for us. 
I know that as we really search and ponder the scriptures 
that our relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father will increase! 
I know that especially by reading the Book of Mormon! 
   I know that as anyone builds their relationship with our Savior and gains more of a knowledge of the Atonement 
they will gain a testimony of Repentance. 
I know that as we humble ourselves and rely on this gift to change 
then we will sincerely change for the better. 
As I have learned more about and used repentance more in my life 
I feel that I have hope for forever! 
I have a chance to be forgiven and a chance to move on. 
Without he gift of repentance and the Atonement 
there would be a lot of heartache in my life and I know in others. 
 I know that if we repent and want to gain the 
strongest relationship with Christ we need to follow his example. 
I know that baptism needs to be done by those who received the priesthood. I know that baptism is an outward expression of the scared covenant  between Heavenly Father and myself. 
I will always strive to remember His son, 
follow my Savior's example and stand as a witness of Him,
 and I will keep His commandments with all my heart. 
I know that receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost completes baptism. 
I know that as we follow the counsel and guidance the Holy Ghost gives -- we will surely stay on the straight and narrow path to our Heavenly Father. 

As we endure with faith all will be well. 
    I know that we will be with our families again after death. 
I know that we can live with our Father in Heaven again. 
I know He created the Plan of Salvation to bring us home. 
This plan has brought me happiness with out question. 
 I will do my best and follow Jesus Christ and  
obey His teachings so I can receive those blessings 
that have been promised to those who are faithful. 

I know where I came from, why I am here and where I am going! 
I know we can be sealed to our families for forever through the priesthood. 
    I love my Savior Jesus Christ! 
He has done so much for me. 
I have experience joy from that.
 I know he lives today! 
I love my Heavenly Father! 
I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 
is the true and living church today! 
I know without a doubt! 
I know of all these things to be true humbly and full of gratitude in the name of our Sacred Redeemer, our Savior, even Jesus Christ. Amen. 

... EXCEPT Sister Hyde

Is week was quite eventful! We had MLC which was awesome it formed around the acronym of A.S.K, and being Spiritually prepared, bear testimony frequently, and leave bold and loving commitments. It was awesome!

At the meeting one Elder said "well the missionaries in our zone are roughly young except sister Hyde ..." everyone busted up laughing! Then President said "Sister Hyde that's ok I am older than you.." oh it was so funny!

The spirit was strong there too! I got to see some of my past companions for the last time. Sad but I know I will see hem again. We had Zone training and it took some time to prepare for it through out the week but when the time came it was awesome! The spirit was so strong and the missionaries who helped in the role plays were the best!

 I went on exchanges with sister Wilkins this week and we did a lot! We contacted this one lady who was married to this less active member and we asked if we could help her with anything. She looked at us and said not in his clothes so I said well we can go home change and come right back... she was surprise and said at would really help her so we did! She said that she felt she was one in a million for us devoting our efforts to her. So dirt, mud all over us but all was awesome!

Yay! We ate dinner with Jana and Dave this week and they went all out! It was super good! We were still on exchanges and so they had all four of us there. It was super fun! After dinner there was this youth dance festival and it was pretty cool! Some of our investigators enjoyed it and want their kids to participate in the youth program. Sister Kearl and Sister Wilkins went with us to that and we had a blast together! 

Sunday was awesome I cried so much but happy tears. At the end of the day I went on a team up with Sister Baird down in Folsom. I love her soooo much!!

That day though Sister Davis and I felt sick- upset stomach, migraines and dehydrated. So we asked the Tragesers if they had medicines and such. They were so nice they even called another member to come and give us blessings. 

I have loved serving the Lord here in Sacramento California.

I love my Heavenly Father soooo much! 

Thank you for all those who have supported me and have prayed for me and for those who I was teaching and helping. 

I LOVE THE LORD, His work and have a firm testimony of the gospel.

It's been a real good week and just crazy!!! We had two exchanges and one team up!

1st exchange was with Sister Sessions and that was awesome! The day
was so nice and sunny! We meet some less actives and they actually
came to church that was amazing! She is such a cool missionary. We had
similar interests and it was nice to talk to her.

2nd exchange was with Sister Baird.  She is a new missionary and the one word to describe her is PRO!! She is so obedient and an example 
to me. I love her tons and had a really great time with her!!

Then we had team ups and I went with Sister Barnes. We went in a area that they don't get to go to very often because it is so far out anyway we went up there see someone and they moved... but we did get to talk to someone  -- they weren't interested but their view of Mormons was way awesome! It was beginning to snow up there too!!

We had zone conference! I love zone conferences, it's so great to learn from President Jardine and to see other missionaries like Sister
Polatis, Sister Cundick, the Folsom sisters, and the Spanish sisters! 

love just being there just waiting to hear what President and Sister Jardine have to say and the APs and such. Our conference was about how to become master students by studying better and then that will help us become master teachers like the Savior was/is. 

I wish we had a zone conference like this at the beginning of my mission but I would trade any of them because all of them were exactly what I needed at that time. It was awesome! 

Sister Davis and I also had to give a mini training to our zone about asking questions and why that is so important. I also had to give my departing interview at zone conference! That was nice but all I heard coming out of my mouth was a bunch of jumbled up words and tears. 

My companion and a few others told me that is a really good one. But when I was thinking about it and I just hope that those that heard me know that I love the Lord, His work and have a firm testimony of the gospel.  President also shared a memory he had with me and at that point I just started crying. 

OH,  one last thing that totally made my week!

My bigittle brother, 
got his mission call to 
Carlsbad California!!!!!!! 
Our Dad, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa served in CA, I served here and now him!!!!! 

Sunday was just awesome because I was out of it just so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday was Pday and we had so much fun with the other missionaries!

Dinner with the Davidson and they are pretty cool people, super nice. This week was full of miracles but some of them were in a interesting way. First, I believe I mentioned this in my last email that Sister Davis and I made some sacrifices started two Sundays ago to help the work progress in this area and receive miracles and that is exactly what has happened. Monday we had Pday and that was a fun day  filled with laughter and such as we spent time with the missionaries then we headed over for dinner with some members. They were really nice and then we received two miracles. So the first one- we went over many times to get in touch with this one less active and we finally did! The husband opens the door.." ph great Mormons, how did you find us?" Now in my head I say well we have the Lord on our side and any lost sheep of his, he will show us the way to find them you silly goose. He let us in and got to know the family a bit. The wife is a less active and he isnt a member but we got to know them and such. They are not interested in coming to church and he said that he didn't agree with some of our beliefs and such so no thanks but thanks. They figured out that I was going home and wanted to help. He looked at me and said what can I do for you... I was completely blank.. I haven't been asked that question from a nonmember before and said that I was good if they had any service opportunities for us to do around their property and to just keep being awesome. He grabbed his wallet laid some money on the counter and said this is for you. What!? I told him I could accept it. It says it in our white handbook and I just couldn't do that. He got really frustrated and said you have been trying to help people for eighteen months and now when help is offered to you don't even accept it. I at least want to do some good today. His wife said that is the least that they could do and the least I could do is to take it. I started to cry and then he just put it in my hand. You take this and that will help for some of the things you need to take care of to go home. I pray for them every night that they would have their hearts softened and .... I just can't believe it that they were so generous to me.

Then twenty minutes after that we knocked on this one door and Helen opened the door. She is so interested in going to bible study and to meet with us! She was busy this week but is coming week.... yay!!! YaY! Yay!! 


Tuesday - Happy Valentines Day! Or Single Awareness Day, take your pick... hahaha!  The Bairs had us over for dinner and it was a lot of fun. Fancy grilled cheese, root beer in a bottles, red balloons, and a fun family! At the beginning of the day though we needed to find more
people so we prayed and decide to go track this one street in our area. Now in the mission we don't really tract because it is not the most effective but once in a while we get a miracle from it and that is what happens that day. We knocked on Fadwa's door and she was
interested from the very beginning! She was praying for a opportunity to find a new church and a new bible study class. We offered to come share a message and to attend our bible study class. She was so excited that this answer came so quick! Oh I am soooooo excited! 

Later that day we did team ups in Folsom with Sister Anderson and Sister Baird. Great missionaries! I was with Sister Anderson and we found a new investigator for them! I am so excited for them! 

Wednesday we got in contact with a lot of less actives, shared a message with them, invited them to come to church and to see if we could come back. Those were miracles too! We went tracting again and no success but that is ok, at least we went out to work and did our

Thursday was mini training with Sister Jardine and our district leader Elder Calvert on safegaurds for technology. Also interviews with President Jardine, except I didn't get one because I have a departing
interview with home next week. So that was a bummer. I always like talking with them. We always share a scripture with them and mine was

Helaman 10:5 "And now, because thou hast done this with such unwearyingness, behold, I will bless thee forever; and I will make thee mighty in word and in deed, in faith and in works; yea, even that all things shall be done unto thee according to thy word, for thou shalt not ask that which is contrary to my will." 

Love it because first when we serve him with unwearyingness then we will blessed for forever. Second when our will and our Fathers will are the same we can accomplish everything!

Friday was District meeting and that was fun! Finding joy in the work, smiling through everything even when it hard and teaching repentance. I did a little training on learning and improving for safeguards. It was ok. We did a teamup with Sister Kaufusi and Sister Sessions. They are just sisters with tons of sunshine. Love them! We also helped
Sister Kearl and Sister Wilkins in their area and got some return appts for them. One house we tried to go to had bunnies... I tried to catch one but he are way to fast. Saturday was good,  we tried to do service tracting and this one guy got really made at us for coming down his driveway. We said we were sorry and told him why where here
and he said that he wouldn't let us do that. He followed us out 'til the main road. We asked if any of his neighbors would accept some service and he said no. He looked at our names tags and said "actually I wouldn't let young people do this, you see I am a ordained minister and you gals just going up to people to offer service is pushing it
with your beliefs on other people. " We thanked him for his time and left. 

We did family history today and I could do indexing all day long I think. That thing is so much fun! We ate dinner with Sister Richards at KFC and we had an amazing experience! At the end of our dinner time she went up to this man sitting at a table next to us give him a pass along card and... he was actually a member and saw us sharing
scriptures with her and wanted to stay so he could share his favorite scripture. He is actually is a convert of two, three years and we all got to talking with home- Robert. He shared his conversion story, is preparing for a mission and the funny thing is , is that the family who helped fellowship him as he was having his conversion, is a family
that Sister Davis totally knows! It is so cool to see members of the church that you know help others follow Christ more! It was so cool!!!

Sunday came and boy do I love Sundays! When I get to sit there in the chapel and ponder on my week and see how I can improve and take the sacrament, I just find peace. I just love that so much! Sister Davis played the piano for primary so I sat with the kids and I really liked at, just to sing the songs with them and everything!

Now we are at the beginning of the week and ready for more miracles to come!

She is always trying to get me into trouble!

Monday, February 13, 2017

AUSTRALIA - TEXAS - IRELAND and other things

Personal Feelings + Personal Understanding + Personal Testimony = Personal Growth

Ok  ---- get ready everybody.  This week was a busy week! 

Monday was Pday and it was a blast. 

We had a lesson with Chris about himself preparing to go to the temple. Before the lesson though we had to answer a few questions about the Plan of Salvation. Some of the questions he asked were stumpers. I asked him where he heard this stuff and boy! A member was teaching his own opinion about that point of doctrine. He got really confused and had to ask us. One of my first thoughts was - who is this person? The other one was  -- wow! Sometimes it seems that church members want to know everything or seem like they know everything. Which is pretty common, it's hard to say you don't know something. But all we really just need to do is to stick to the basics doctrine.  We don't have to go down into the deep stuff to know the gospel is true.  Just stick to the basics -- the rest will come when we are ready for it.

Tuesday was MLC so that meeting was awesome!! 
Like always it's nice to see the missionaries I used to serve with and etc. ... We learned more about the importance of teaching repentance from out of the Book of Mormon. We need personal feelings, personal understanding and personal testimony. We did role plays to help us. Speaking of role plays.... so at one moment in MLC there was a role play to show personal understanding  -- President Jardine decided to pick on two lucky missionaries to role play personal understanding in front of the rest of the MLC (missionary leadership counsel). He paused -- looked at the other side of the room ( I though I was safe ) and then he said - Sister Hyde and Sister Davis will you please do that. What! First I was like no problem then when I was walking up there I was nervous because I was never really good at remembering scriptures and such. But as I sat down and said a little prayer, Sister Davis and I pulled open to a scripture and went with the spirit.  It was amazing! Oh! Other major detail  -- we had to role play to Sister Jardine as the investigator. .... cool! She is awesome! At the end of the role play we had to receive feed back from the missionaries and one of them said that we reminded him of his mom. It's not everyday another missionary says that you and your companion remind him of his mom. Super funny right? So, anyway, those three personal things are all we need as missionaries, investigators and even members to progress in the Gospel. 

We met with the zone leaders after MLC to see how we can take this info to the missionaries up on El Dorado. Super exciting! Right?

Exchanges with Sister Brown ! 
I heard so much of her and wanted to serve around her and now I do! We had a great day! We had some lessons with members helping building their faith in Christ, testifying of him and the importance to turn to him... Repentance in other words. Loved it! Heard one of the members conversion story and she got baptized in the Salt Lake City temple! That had to happened because her family was going to get sealed and she was over the age of eight and wasn't baptized yet. So a general authority interviewed her, she got baptized then got sealed to her family for forever. Crazy awesome right!?! Cool lady too!! 
Another experience that day was something else. So we stopped by the Theodore's house to see how he and his wife is doing. He was sick so they were going to the doctors but invited us in real quick to get us out of the rain. Minutes passed and we asked if we could say a prayer. He just looked at us and pretty much said that he didn't believe in God and that he tried telling the past missionaries but couldn't. He said that years ago God took his first wife, left him in a difficult circumstance and that he hates him. My heart literally broke. To see his eyes not of this light and .... man. We tried to testify but he wouldn't have it. Even when we said that he would see her again. His heart has harden by hate and .... I started to cry because there is so much hope and love that he is missing out on, because he doesn't have the gospel in his life and that he was done trying. Sister Brown and I sat in the car in silence. Said a prayer for him then went out to help more people. 

Friday was zone training and not going to lie but Sister Davis and I felt a little unprepared but..... it was amazing! The missionaries participated, shared experiences, role plays were awesome and boy! It was Awesome! That's all I can say, oh, and they are doing great on teaching repentance out of the Book of Mormon. 
Funny story! So Sister Davis wants to eat more healthy ( only one serving at dinner, healthier snacks, more veggies and fruits etc) so to help her do that we came up with a code phrase. It's - how fun!. Because I say that a lot.. haha. One night we were at the Krugers, having curry and she reaches for the second helping of rice. I say how fun, which totally fits in the conversation and look at her with a smile on my face. She looks at me, smiles, and whispers oh shut up. I busted up laughing which made my food spit out of napkin, which made the Krugers start to laugh and ask what happen. We explained and oh! That was such a funny night! 
Saturday we did team ups with sister Kearl and sister Wilkins. Love those too! Great day of biking too because the rain cleared up and was sunny! 

So we don't have many people to teach and those we were teaching have stopped contacting us and answering the door. A real bummer.  But on Saturday, Sister Davis and I prayed for a miracle and made a goal of sacrifice for the next four weeks of this transfer to do. We have so much faith that something will happen I just know it! 

Yesterday was awesome! The lessons were amazing! Loved Relief Society about cultivating an attitude of optimism. President Gordon B. Hinckley is a great teacher! I learned that it's  all about the gospel, it's all about having the joy in our lives... now turn your thinking around, let your light shine as you face trials. Turn to the lord and and he will make you burdens light and you will truly live life in happiness. We live in the fullness of times, where the gospel is on the earth. So if You look with optimism, work with faith, and things happen. A comment was made when a teacher asked her students " if you could travel to any point of time, what time period would you go to?" One of the students said " probably Thursday because life is good and yup" ..... how cool right!? That should be our answer. 

Anyway! Hope you all had a great week! 
Can't wait to hear from you and hope all is well! 
Love Sister Hyde
Pics: El Dorado zone.. some of them are goofing off are being series... funny...
Sister Davis and I pics, and pics of some sisters and us 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

No Easy Road

This week was a good week. We just had a lot of meetings this week. 

Some of them were with the zone leaders --  about setting our goal to help others come to the waters of baptism and to see how we can help the missionaries in the El Dorado zone. We have a lot of great missionaries up here who work hard and are a blast to be around. 

We had a stake missionary dinner in Wednesday and to see a lot of people geared up to help the Lord in His work is such a great sight to see. 

One great day when it was raining and cold so we went to Safeway got us a hot bowl of soup, ate it, then back out to work. Let me say it does help to work more efficient when you have a full belly. Hahaha. 

We visited Sue this week and every time we come over her and her husband are warming up to us more. That is great news because that means her heart is softening!!!

Super Bowl Sunday  .... no one opened their doors. We heard the tvs going and everything with everyone we went to. In the end it was a big laugh to me. One guy opened his door and said "look ladies now is really not a good time...  (he looked back to the t.v, then back to us, his face showing how desperately he wanted to watch the game).  He told us a day we could come back. 

We will go back but just how funny that happened ... hahaha. 

Our area is a gorgeous place we just need some more people to share the gospel too. So we met with the bishop -- who is super cool! He has met everyone on the Ward record and knows them! So when we went over to see how we can help him he already had things lined up, people for us to go see and everything! Super cool! Love this Ward so much! 

District meeting was awesome! We have Elder Calvert as a District leader, and he was my district leader some transfers ago. We had a great district meeting. We focused on sharing our expectations with our investigators. 

Chris blessed the sacrament this Sunday! So proud of that kid. He is getting more engaged in the church activities. He even participates in class, sometimes he talks a lot on a answer to a question. This kid is awesome! Now we working to help him get to the temple to do baptisms and such! Super excited for that. 

One thing that I was focusing on this week 
was what am I suppose to become. 
Our Savior helped the apostles, 
and us, see that we need to become our best self 
and by doing that,  ultimately, we become like him. 
Like when he says, "come follow me". 

I love this quote and it pretty much summed up what I learned ...

" Men and women who 
turn their lives over 
to God 
will discover that He can make 
more out of their lives than they can. 
He will deepen their joys, 
expand their vision, 
quicken their minds 
and strengthen their muscles, 
lift their spirits 
and multiply their blessings, 
increase their opportunities, 
comfort their souls, raise up friends, 
and pour out peace. 
Whoever will lose his life in the service of God 
will find eternal life. " 
  • President Ezra Taft Benson

We were also driving down this one road and found this sign... image1.JPG

 yup... and that road wasn't an easy one
but it opened up to a nice green pasture 
and looked out to this amazingly gorgeous sight 
and it got me thinking... which isn't the best sometimes .. haha but yah! 
Sometimes we may be on a not so easy road but when we rely on the Lord 
and trust Him then will our blessing be great! 

Hope you all had a great week and wish you the best for this next one!