Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Singing "Confidence In Me"

I am now in a biking area and my legs are barely getting use it it, they still hurt sometimes but mostly I am just fine it it. Except when I go up this massive hill --  then it gets hard or if we have to book'it  -- 2-1/2 miles in UNDER seven minutes - which we did - for an appointment.  

We have been having tons of rain storms -- and yes, we have been biking in and through them ---  and LOVING IT!!! -- At least I am trying to make the most of it --- Although, I do get frustrated when drivers proceed to drive by super close to us and SPLASH us.   Not much else I can do but to start to sing Lead Kindly Light or I am a Child of God.... And just smile at the car. Or sometimes I'll start singing - "Sing'n in the Rain".  "Confidence In Me" from "The Sound of Music" is another favorite.  My companion just laughs at me. She has decided that I am like Donkey and she is Shrek. Hahaha. 

CALIFORNIA is giving Texas a run for their money in the size of the local Walmarts.  The one closest to us has an escalator.... not just one for people.....but one for your shopping cart too.

We are working with a little girl named Avionna.  She is going to get baptized this month. I am so amazed by her -- she is only nine and has such a fantastic testimony.  I am learning so much from her. I love her so much. 

Communication Tower
Sacramento CA Style

I am so grateful for all I am learning from the Book of Mormon!  I am in Ether again and I am amazed about how much faith the brother of Jared had. He had so much faith and trust in the Lord -- His relationship with our Heavenly Father was remarkable and he is a wonderful example of prayer  --- of communicating with Heavenly Father.  He has shown me I should pray when I have been blessed -- I should pray to Heavenly Father continually expressing my gratitude -- I should pray when I am on the top of the world or when I am going though troubling times --  pray for guidance and pray for peace.

There is so much I learned but so little time to say it all ... Love you all and have a blessed safe week!

                           Over and out,
                                                 Sister Hyde


 Don't ever let "the dress" stop you true to who you are... 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

It's Official...

 It's OFFICIAL ... 

Letters from last weeks in Tala Ofa

Hello everyone!! This week has gone by sooooooo fast.   I do not know what to think. One of the members of the Ward comes up to me and says - Sister Hyde you are about a 1/3 done with your mission. My eyes got huge! I wish I could start all over again because I love being out here, teaching those who want to follow our Savior's example, those that slam their doors in our face, those who just smile, those wave as they pass by and say no thanks, those that say Sisters!!! They always make my day. This week we did a lot for our investigator Zach. He is
awesome but this week was rough for him. He had the desire to be baptized at the beginning when we first started to meet with him but then he started to just say he "doesn't know" and then to it turned to "No". I just started crying.  Sister Lavea and I just bore our testimonies and
testified that Jesus Chirst, is our Savior and as we lean on him and follow his example, our lives will be blessed greatly. I have felt the Spirit strong before and I felt it there. Two days later we got to talk to him after he attended an eight year old baptism and he commitment himself to be baptized this upcoming Saturday! How amazing is the Spirit!  And in the the Lords work we are truly just the instruments He uses to help those come closer to him.  We had exchanges this week and I stayed in my area with Sister Thompson and she is very sweet.
Ofa atu! Love you
Hope you all will have a great week
Love Sister Hyde

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This week has gone by soooooooooooooo fast! I looked back at our planner book of last week and we did a lot but it feels like we haven't. 
Our investigator Zach was going to get baptized but decided to move to Florida this week and continue the missionaries discussions there and get baptized down there later this year. I didn't want him to move but I am glad that he is moving back to his family and going
to continue to build his relationship with our Heavenly Father.  

Our teaching pool hasn't been big since the beginning and at one point we had about 7 people we have been teaching and then this week and some of last week they all dropped us. They told us they weren't ready to  continue try back later- in a few weeks, or they would never answer our calls or texts, we would come by to the house and the the house would be loud walking up then when we knock or ring the house is like a abandoned house... Funny huh?

Anyway the work is going by super slow but it is going and that is what counts right, trying to do or just to do your best for the Lord in His work. We went by some Samoan families
and took a member -Sister Aieti --  out with us and she is a born convert missionary! Now those families want us to come back and talk to them more.... I still don't know what goes on because they talk in Samoan the whole time but I pray to know what they are saying. Then at the end I bear my testimony. That is all I can do but it is important, if they know that I am there trying to understand and bear testimony of the truth that I know then I know that the spirit will be there and the spirit is what changes hearts.

I had a spiritual experience happen to me this week that allow me to know for a fact that our Heavenly Father really does love us and our Savior, Jesus Chrsit loves us soooo much too! I know that they will always be there for us know matter how alone, hurt, insecure we may
be. I know that the power of fasting is sooo important. When we give up somethings g worldly like food and water for a period of time we can gain so much spiritually through pray and study as we fast.

Sister Lavea and I have started a volleyball night Thursday and Friday for our members to invite in-actives and nonmembers to and it is booming! We have a lot of new faces showing up and hopefully we get to teach them soon.

Love ya'all
Sister Hyde

Last Sunday @ Tala Ofa


Small World

Transfer Monday! 
So, I have been transferred to the Ashen Park Ward.  
On the last breakfast  -- 
some of the close friends I was able to spend time with took us out to eat at Ihop! 
They are all RM's!  
And Sister Lavea is almost a RM --  in about a week! 
These are some of the most amazing women that you will have ever met!!
 I love them so much. 
I don't want to leave but I know that the lord needs me in the new area.
 I am going to have a hard time to adjust I know it. 
But,  I am going to work it just as hard and have as much fun working as I did in Tala Ofa! 

( the one closest to me Lata Kafu served in the Georgia north mission!- where I am from, and she knew some of the young women that I love! the one closest to her serve in Idaho and knew where I lived in sugar city and the families that I loved there like the Gee's) -- All RM's and amazing people!