Sunday, November 8, 2015

Some random & not so random comments

Soo much is happening-

I am not one of the new missionaries out now!! 

Marcia is going to be baptized this Saturday!!! I love her soo much. She has come a long ways but it is amazing when you can see the Lords hand throughout the day and the lives of others and me. I love him soo much for helping me.

We biked this week and it was amazing.  Met a lot of people which gave us a lot of appointments this week! One day when we biking we say three helicopters circling around the area where we were and they were saying to look out for a man wearing a black shirt riding a bike and Sister Lavea was a wearing a black shirt we booked it to the  car so she could put a white jacket on so they wouldn´t confuse us for him. Also the cars were not being nice because we´re in California and they go really fast.

I love my companion soo much she makes me laugh and makes me smile. Everyday she gives me a scare and then we laugh... she knows when I need to have a laugh. She has taught me soo much.  And how do I thank her ---  I felt soo bad --- I had to speak in front of the ward and I accidently said Sister "Valea" instead of Sister Lavea' -- so I called her "sister dumb" -- oh how embarassing but I quickly said her real name.  I was soo nervous -- but, she started to laugh and the Samoan members in the ward did too.

I had to say the opening prayer in sacrament meeting (that was interesting) and I had to say the last in english I only know a little bit. 

I know our Savior lives and that we are truly blessed to have a living prophet today.

I know that reading the scriptures helps us come closer to Christ and that families can be together forever. 

Oh, and carve a pumpkin for me! 

Long prayers use to annoy me but now they are growing on me.

I got my hair cut! It is shorter now and they say it looks nice.

I want to hear CC- I miss her shrills and how she says some words.

I love the Book of Mormon soo much I can´t wait to the next moment that I can read it .

I am learning soooo much.

I miss you alot and I pray for everyone back home. 

I love the costumes! My companion thought my twin was in the pic. Hahahaha.

(I have thought Emily Rusch and Shealyn look enough alike to have been related. 
Truth be told as we walked up to the door for the Hickman's Halloween Celebration
Emily was behind us... John turn and did a visible double-take
He had to take a moment to calm his heart... he didn't know if
it was leaping for joy ... or racing with fear
So I guess, if she's willing -- 
we have our stand-in for family pictures... :)

Happy Birthday Leavitt
 from (his) Sister Shealyn Hyde

(We have watched this over and over.  Leavitt teared up with each time and simply said "sure do miss Shealyn")