Sunday, November 8, 2015

Some random & not so random comments

Soo much is happening-

I am not one of the new missionaries out now!! 

Marcia is going to be baptized this Saturday!!! I love her soo much. She has come a long ways but it is amazing when you can see the Lords hand throughout the day and the lives of others and me. I love him soo much for helping me.

We biked this week and it was amazing.  Met a lot of people which gave us a lot of appointments this week! One day when we biking we say three helicopters circling around the area where we were and they were saying to look out for a man wearing a black shirt riding a bike and Sister Lavea was a wearing a black shirt we booked it to the  car so she could put a white jacket on so they wouldn´t confuse us for him. Also the cars were not being nice because we´re in California and they go really fast.

I love my companion soo much she makes me laugh and makes me smile. Everyday she gives me a scare and then we laugh... she knows when I need to have a laugh. She has taught me soo much.  And how do I thank her ---  I felt soo bad --- I had to speak in front of the ward and I accidently said Sister "Valea" instead of Sister Lavea' -- so I called her "sister dumb" -- oh how embarassing but I quickly said her real name.  I was soo nervous -- but, she started to laugh and the Samoan members in the ward did too.

I had to say the opening prayer in sacrament meeting (that was interesting) and I had to say the last in english I only know a little bit. 

I know our Savior lives and that we are truly blessed to have a living prophet today.

I know that reading the scriptures helps us come closer to Christ and that families can be together forever. 

Oh, and carve a pumpkin for me! 

Long prayers use to annoy me but now they are growing on me.

I got my hair cut! It is shorter now and they say it looks nice.

I want to hear CC- I miss her shrills and how she says some words.

I love the Book of Mormon soo much I can´t wait to the next moment that I can read it .

I am learning soooo much.

I miss you alot and I pray for everyone back home. 

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