Tuesday, January 31, 2017

WHOA... Time flys!

Hello everybody ! 
Well,  this week was one for adventure! 
You can't believe what has happen! 
Well I think you can believe it  -- but wow! 
It was a great one! 

 Monday was so much fun! 
We got to spend time with the sisters down 
in the Folsom zone. 
That was a lot of fun! Love those girls! 
We did all the regular Pday activities and such --  but also we biking around Folsom lake with the rest of the Folsom zone. 
That was tons of fun! 
As we were biking there it started hailing. Boy! My face and hands were so cold. 
We all laughed it off.  
We biked on the somewhat of the lake beach and that was fun. 
Especially when Sister Davis and my tires got stuck in the sand. 
We skipped rock and just had tons of fun. 

After that we did a team up in Sister Anderson's area. 
She is an amazing missionary.
She came to our area the next day and that's when miracles happen! 
We got three return appts that day! With Emily, Jack and Carol, Kara ! 
It was the bomb . com  day! 
We had park your car day that day too so we walked 
and what a great way to do that too. 
The sun was shinning ... finally! 
We have had rain for the past two weeks straight it seems like. 
It is a great blessing because we really needed it! 

On Wednesday we attended the worldwide missionary broadcast! 
So, again, the whole mission met 
at one of the church buildings and we watched it!  
They followed up on the last from last year. 
It was great! I heard the same things almost but learned so much again! 
We have wonderful leaders in the church. 
We listed to Elder Oaks, Bednar, Anderson, couple of the seventies, 
and one of the counselors of the presiding bishopric, and Sister Oscarson! They all have great insights for missionary work and the gospel in general. It is the lords work and we did his way.
Because he knows everyone and what they need. 
They also presented the new schedule of missionaries! 
It's a little different. 
President announced that we would be getting up at 5:30.... 
hahaha -was my first thought. 
Then he said he was kidding 
we will still be getting up at 6:30
Good one President Jardine, good one! 
The schedule mostly change a couple of things like lunch is 30 min. 
instead of a hour  -- it is the same with companionship studies. 
Then daily planning is in the morning instead of at night.  
The the biggest thing is that 
we get to schedule these things where 
we think they need to be scheduled that day!
 It is nice because we are agents unto ourselves 
and to use the Lords time to the best we can  --  is amazing! 
I really like it!
 Some of the missionaries didn't -- they like structure and that makes sense -- but to I think the Lord has made this happen at this time 
because it shows that He really trusts us to do His work. 
I am so thankful for that. 
We also received another apostolic blessing! 
Two blessings in two weeks and boy. 
I fell truly blessed and really good. 
Miracles are about to happen! 

We did team ups with Sister Barnes and 
Sister Boaria again.  
I love these two 
so much! 
They have taught 
me a lot! 

I went with Sister Boaria and she is just he cutest thing. 
She has been in here area for seven and a half months. 
That is a long time but her love for the people is the best. 
Saw some snow in her area....!!!! 

Saturday was a killer we did so much service, and I loved it! 
We did yard work for some of our investigators and 
talk about the gospel with them while we were doing it. 
Jack and Carol are just one of the sweetest couples ever. 
They have gone through a lot over the years 
but it was because their love for God they made it through- cool people. 
From 4-8:30pm, we participated 
in a fundraising event for the search and rescue team up here. 
They put on this huge crab/ seafood dinner and we were the servers. 
It was a lot of fun, because there were so many people 
and we had to hurry hurry hurry to get there food to them. 
Saw some of our investigators and some of our potential investigators too. They were so excited to see us and we were so excited to see them! 

After that whole big thing we receive our transfer calls in person! I was a little freaked out and kinda nervous because this is my last one and yup...  I will be staying here with Sister Davis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have made a eternal friend! I am so glad that I get to serve with her one more time! I love this area and she is so great to be with and to serve with! 

On Sunday Chris received the priesthood and he loved it! 
After he received it he and another young man from the ward 
went to bless/give the sacrament to an elderly sister 
who can't make it to church. 
To listen to him talk about that experience made my day! 
We had lunch with that sister  --  Sister Shaffer yesterday. 
She told us about it and 
just loved it that those young men came over and did that for her. 

Last night was really cool too! We had the opportunity to go down to Folsom again and welcome one of the new missionaries into the mission! Sister Anderson is training here so for her first day/ night here the Folsom zone leader came up to have a team only meeting and it was amazingly! We shared our testimony of different truth of the gospel every day with strangers, members and such 
but when you hear testimonies from missionaries and full on testimonies... 
it is one of the greatest things to witness. 
The spirit is so strong! 
I love the missionaries of whom I serve with! 

So this is the first week of this transfer and I am excited to start it off strong! 
Wish me luck! 

Elder Foly, Radmil, kahle, forte, ross, stewart,  sisters anderson, kaufusi, thomas, davis, me 

Got this cool message today... 

And these..... 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Joy Lane

This week was something else.. it went by sooooooooo fast.
First, I got an email saying congratulations on almost being a return missionary then another saying here is your course for my plan!
Can you find Sister Hyde?
I am nervous and excited for so many things!

We did service for Daine! Her whole front lawn was a mess and with the
help of us and the zone leaders we made that lawn look nice. While we
were working on the part of the lawn by the road a couple of people
commented and long story short we said we were doing it for free and
their reactions were priceless. They couldn't believe that a couple of
young adults were doing service for free. We asked if they need
anything and they said yes but after asking if we belonged to a
service operation our reply was that we were missionaries for the
church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints they started to back away
and said no thanks. Daine thought that was funny and would talk to
them later explains that we are great people to help others and help
build others faith in Christ. Sweet gal.  We also did some more service for another investigator.- Sue and she is the cutest.

We did some team ups with the Folsom sisters and they are the best!
 Sister Thomas, Sister Anderson and I knocked on this one door and it was crazy! This guy was in his underwear and didn't think  anything of it until he saw our face of like WHAT do you think you are  doing. He noticed why and slammed the door. Crazy things happen in  California. 

We went finding this week in our area more than ever. Our  area is kinda tough with finding people but with tons of faith my companion and myself found two part member families that are  interested in learning more about the gospel! A family that is interested as well and love what mormons believe in too! And ..... good things are about to happen!!! What a blessing and tender mercy from the Lord!

Got the system- Tiwi in our new 2017 Ford Escape...  missionaries get spoiled! This car has helped a ton because the rain  is crazy and made these crazy pot holes and rivers that we got to go  through. California has been in a drought for a super long time but  with all this constant rain we are finally out of that drought! A lot  of prayers from members and those here in Sacramento have been  answered. Super fun!

Chris is getting the priesthood next Sunday and he is so excited! I am
excited for him. His mom Thi is coming to the Bible class and that was
some awesome news! David is doing great! He came to all three hours of
church! The members were so welcoming and oh man! I just loved it!
Sister Davis and I have so many plans that are going to come into
action this week with helping our members be excited and do missionary
work and to help our investigators gain a stronger testimony of the

Now today we are going mountain biking near Folsom lake!
We hope it is muddy and that no one gets hurt!
I am so excited to get out and do something like this!!

Speaking of Folsom we ate dinner with the Astles.  Brother Astles, said he 
worked as a missionary at Folsom prison while Johnny Cash was there.
Johnny Cash personally asked for him.  When he went into his cell, Johnny Cash grabbed his wrist -- didn't let go and then said,  " This is the closet
that I will ever be to God."
He said he was one of the first to hear Johnny Cash's song Folsom prison or something like that.

 I love serving here and being a missionary!

 Sister Davis and I found a awesome thing in the Book of Mormon and is a great reminder of what we all have to do every day. It's on page 523 -- I will include a picture  -- but don't forget that our Savior Jesus Christ lives  and we need to testify of that everyday and be joyful doing that!

Monday, January 16, 2017


Davy is doing great we had two lessons with him this week and he came of church yesterday! I was so glad to see he there! Melanie is doing ok, she has kinda stopped responding to us and it is breaking my heart. I wish her the best everyday. But she is going through a lot of things and prayers would be great for her and for Alicia. We haven't had a response from her either. I love those girls and I just want them to receive the blessing that have been given in my life through having the gospel in my life. 

We had crazy flooding this week as well. Like some road were completely ran over by the river. Mud is every where, close calls for me to get out and push the car out. I wouldn't mind if I had to do that. Secretly I kinda wanted to just to say I did. Hahahaha.

So Friday, Elder and Sister Renlund, Elder Dorius and Elder Arden  came to speak to all the sisters here in Sacramento! Sister Davis and I were so excited that we got here earlier to make sure that we get in. So we showed up a couple hours early and did our weekly had all the sisters read a couple talks (A Plea to My Sisters and Do I Believe) before it started. We even got to walk around the temple! In the conference so we mostly did a big group discussion about how important it is to not just go through the motions of the gospel, but to really feel it and get it into our hearts. So live it! 
There were about 1600 women! They also let people ask questions and they would answer. And they bore their testimonies at the end. It was so good! 

Sister Renlund was running most of the meeting and she is hilarious! She was cracking jokes the whole time and it was great! She was very accomplished and man! It was a rock star show! 

I even got to see some of the members from my previous wards but also the Ward got - Tala Ofa Ward! I still could speak a little bit... need to brush up but oh! My heart has a special part reserved just for them and many that I got to know there! 

    But don't worry there is still more excitement to come that night! 

So when we were driving home our car started to shake then these lights started to pop up and flash then they started really beeping! So we pulled over talked with President and our leaders  --- so long story short we got to drive home with Sister Jardine's new mini van! It was nice and no tiwi -- but don't worry we kept the speed limit. 

Then Saturday, we had a mission conference with them. It was the only time so far that I've seen all the missionaries in our mission
together which was way fun! It's always good to catch up with friends and see how they are doing! It's like one big family! 

We took a group pic with Elder and Sister Renlund, Elder Adern and Elder Dorius, President and Sister Jardine, and their counselors.  That took some time... so my face got a work out from all that smiling! Then each of us got to shake Elder Renlund's hand..I shook an apostles hand! So awesome!! 

I had to say the opening prayer and as I was walking up I was smiling but also praying with all my heart that I would say what I needed to say, to not speak so fast and to definitely not mess up. 

Then we began the meeting! President and Sister Jardine spoke.  One of the messages was about prayer.  I learned that prayer is truly a great gift to communicate with our Father in Heaven! 

Then Elder Renlund told us he was here to deliver 3 messages -- 

1. On behalf of the Savior, thank you for serving 

2. You have been called to Sacramento by revelation, 
            you're here for a reason 
3. President and Sister Jardine have been called of God 
            to our mission! 

After at we had a great discussion about the talks where we were asked to study then a Q and A meeting again. That was awesome! 

He then left us with an apostolic blessing again. One in the women conference and one for us missionaries. What amazing blessings were we given! 

I definitely have a testimony that there is a living prophet today Thomas S. Monson. I know that the apostles that help lead the church are called of God as well. I know that Jesus Christ is at the head of the church. 

Then is Sunday we went to Folsom to help out Sister Anderson. She doesn't have a companion at the moment -- so we got to help her out that day. Four people that she taught, were confirmed. Their faces were so bright! 

We also had a chance to just talk with President and Sister Jardine about our area, concerns and all that jazz. They are remarkable! We were given blessings by President! I have a firm testimony of the priesthood! It truly is the power of God! I know that our Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us! 

There is so much more to say but I just don't have time, maybe I will put it in next week email! 

Biggest shout out would to be to my dad this coming week! It's his birthday and has taught me so much in my life! I love him lots! 

Thursday, January 12, 2017


This week was by far the most busiest, stressful, funniest, spiritual,

craziest, and most amazing week ever! 

Two exchanges.... this time for exchanges they have the sister come into our area. 
So there are four sisters in one area.... that means more work 
which means 
we saw everyone 
in our area-book, 
all our less actives and almost all our members 

....oh, what are 
we going to do? 
work even harder. 
It go go time!

My first exchange was with Sister Kearl and this little missionary is a fireball. We had this lesson with Melanie and it was spirit bomb times ten ----- so it was a nuclear spirit bomb! Before we went to a lesson we picked up a recent return missionary, Cami. She told us to never doubt the authority and power of our calling. I took that to heart. 
I already knew that but it's always nice to receive a reminder. Anyway we go in the lesson and our investigator just starts going off.  Cami stops her and says ... "do you know why these girls are here and what they can do? They hold a power and have a authority greater than you know. They help us come closer to our Savior. They are trying to help you but if you have your heart closed then you are not helping yourself. Listen to what they have to say and I am sure it's what you need to hear." Melanie, the investigator, was silent for a good bit. Then she said "...so this baptism that they are talking about is the only way then." She looked at us and I bore my testimony of our savior and his divine mission of the atonement. I bore witness of the priesthood and how baptism needs to go through those keys. Sister Kearl also bore her testimony. The Spirit was so strong in that room. She closed her eyes and started to cry. I invited her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. She said yes! We talked about putting forth effort, the rest of the Restoration and of course promised her blessing. We have appt. on Wednesday,---  hope it goes well.

Then we went on another exchange, with Sister Barnes! She has grown so much and I am so thankful to get to know her. It has been raining none stop so we didn't get contact a lot of people but the few we did get to were open to the Bible study class so that's nice! We also went on team ups with Sister Anderson and Sister Shirley! They are too sweet girls!

Zone trading was amazing! First off we present our mission goal for baptisms which is 365!!!!! When Sister Davis and I were at MLC and prayed about it the Spirit just confirmed to everyone at this is the goal that the Lord has chosen for the Sacramento mission this year! Oh. It was amazing! Of course it also symbolizes that we need to work everyday all day doing our very best to help out her come unto Christ teaching repentance. That was the focus of our zone trading too. We focus a little more on that and helping the missionaries understand the true power and authority they have. 

We also had a recent convert---Erin come and kinda give the missionaries a pump up talk about when they do teach repentance and strive to be an example of Christ then people are then blessed. President Jardine and Sister Jardine came as well. They always share great words of wisdom! Love them tons! Had lunch with them too and the whole zone. We got to have a mini training with our district leader and Sister Jardine afterwards... it was great
focused a lot on the Book of Mormon. They recommitted us to mark all the reference of Christ in the Book of Mormon and all his attributes. I have done this and my testimony of my Savior has grown so much by doing so. We also were able to be interviewed by President Jardine. He is always on top of things and I just love him so much! We talked about how I have grown and some other things that I will always remember. He has done a lot for us missionaries here in Sacramento California. 

It has been raining cats and dogs and for the past days and will be for the next week. Kinda fun seeing rivers on the road and the main river rising up. Lucky me I live on somewhat tip of the somewhat tall hill ( small mountain).

Today a nice member paid for our groceries! She was the nicest thing ever. Then we broke a sweat and played soccer, basketball.  Sister Davis and I are still having tons of fun and she is still cracking jokes all the time. It's great to have someone that makes me laugh all the time. 

Found a lizard today in our room! 

Well this week will be busy again... one more team up and a Mission conference because someone cool is coming and you all will have to wait for next week email for me to tell .. ok Elder Renlund is coming!! We get to have a women's conference and a mission conference with them so EXCITED !!
Hurrah for Isreal!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Hope that the last week was great! Mine was except I got a cold and that is no fun. I woke up the morning of District meeting and my voice was gone! Put on my glasses and went to the meeting. It was really good. 

I went on Team ups with Sister Boaria and she is the cutest. She is a convert and  from Kitipas. 

We taught this one lady but she kept putting up walls to her heart. Sometimes she would feel the Holy Ghost telling her that what we are saying is true. I just looked at her and prayed so hard that the spirit would be so strong and that she would feel it.  

I am over the cold but still really tired.
We played basketball with some of the elders and I was out of breath by the end. Not good. hahaha 
We had exchanges with Sister Kaufusi and Sister Thomas. 
They are hard working missionaries.
They released a lot of their investigators and
are working on finding and less active work. 

This year, exchanges are going to be different -- 
                                            Sister Davis and I are prepping for it --- just really more planning on our part. 

We met David S. and Wow!!! He went through some rough things in the past, but is now working on coming closer to Christ and everything. He even contacted us and we started teaching him. I can't wait to see where he goes in the gospel!

We had to give a training to the missionaries in our zone on Friday and it was crazy awesome!! We focused it on member missionary work on social media. Three members even came and we did a real action role play with teaching them a lesson from the scriptures about Alma and Amuleck then having them contact their friends over Facebook. It was awesome. I am so glad that we get to have online proselyting in our mission! It truly has helped progress the work here in Sacramento!

I had a lot of time to think about this last year and
I am just so appreciative of what happened!
I really took to heart this scripture this week- Alma 5:19
                      "I say unto you, can ye look up to God at that day with a pure heart and clean hands?
I say unto you can you look up, having the image of God engraven upon your countenances?"
I learned so much and grew my love for the Lord, the gospel, others and myself so much!
I found joy and I have the desire to grow that all the time. 
That became my motto last year and I want it for this year too.  
Although,  I want to add diligence to it too.  
I've learned so many great habits, knowledge, and
love for my Heavenly Father and Savior
and I just have to keep it up. 
 Sister Hyde