Monday, January 30, 2017

Joy Lane

This week was something else.. it went by sooooooooo fast.
First, I got an email saying congratulations on almost being a return missionary then another saying here is your course for my plan!
Can you find Sister Hyde?
I am nervous and excited for so many things!

We did service for Daine! Her whole front lawn was a mess and with the
help of us and the zone leaders we made that lawn look nice. While we
were working on the part of the lawn by the road a couple of people
commented and long story short we said we were doing it for free and
their reactions were priceless. They couldn't believe that a couple of
young adults were doing service for free. We asked if they need
anything and they said yes but after asking if we belonged to a
service operation our reply was that we were missionaries for the
church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints they started to back away
and said no thanks. Daine thought that was funny and would talk to
them later explains that we are great people to help others and help
build others faith in Christ. Sweet gal.  We also did some more service for another investigator.- Sue and she is the cutest.

We did some team ups with the Folsom sisters and they are the best!
 Sister Thomas, Sister Anderson and I knocked on this one door and it was crazy! This guy was in his underwear and didn't think  anything of it until he saw our face of like WHAT do you think you are  doing. He noticed why and slammed the door. Crazy things happen in  California. 

We went finding this week in our area more than ever. Our  area is kinda tough with finding people but with tons of faith my companion and myself found two part member families that are  interested in learning more about the gospel! A family that is interested as well and love what mormons believe in too! And ..... good things are about to happen!!! What a blessing and tender mercy from the Lord!

Got the system- Tiwi in our new 2017 Ford Escape...  missionaries get spoiled! This car has helped a ton because the rain  is crazy and made these crazy pot holes and rivers that we got to go  through. California has been in a drought for a super long time but  with all this constant rain we are finally out of that drought! A lot  of prayers from members and those here in Sacramento have been  answered. Super fun!

Chris is getting the priesthood next Sunday and he is so excited! I am
excited for him. His mom Thi is coming to the Bible class and that was
some awesome news! David is doing great! He came to all three hours of
church! The members were so welcoming and oh man! I just loved it!
Sister Davis and I have so many plans that are going to come into
action this week with helping our members be excited and do missionary
work and to help our investigators gain a stronger testimony of the

Now today we are going mountain biking near Folsom lake!
We hope it is muddy and that no one gets hurt!
I am so excited to get out and do something like this!!

Speaking of Folsom we ate dinner with the Astles.  Brother Astles, said he 
worked as a missionary at Folsom prison while Johnny Cash was there.
Johnny Cash personally asked for him.  When he went into his cell, Johnny Cash grabbed his wrist -- didn't let go and then said,  " This is the closet
that I will ever be to God."
He said he was one of the first to hear Johnny Cash's song Folsom prison or something like that.

 I love serving here and being a missionary!

 Sister Davis and I found a awesome thing in the Book of Mormon and is a great reminder of what we all have to do every day. It's on page 523 -- I will include a picture  -- but don't forget that our Savior Jesus Christ lives  and we need to testify of that everyday and be joyful doing that!

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