Tuesday, January 31, 2017

WHOA... Time flys!

Hello everybody ! 
Well,  this week was one for adventure! 
You can't believe what has happen! 
Well I think you can believe it  -- but wow! 
It was a great one! 

 Monday was so much fun! 
We got to spend time with the sisters down 
in the Folsom zone. 
That was a lot of fun! Love those girls! 
We did all the regular Pday activities and such --  but also we biking around Folsom lake with the rest of the Folsom zone. 
That was tons of fun! 
As we were biking there it started hailing. Boy! My face and hands were so cold. 
We all laughed it off.  
We biked on the somewhat of the lake beach and that was fun. 
Especially when Sister Davis and my tires got stuck in the sand. 
We skipped rock and just had tons of fun. 

After that we did a team up in Sister Anderson's area. 
She is an amazing missionary.
She came to our area the next day and that's when miracles happen! 
We got three return appts that day! With Emily, Jack and Carol, Kara ! 
It was the bomb . com  day! 
We had park your car day that day too so we walked 
and what a great way to do that too. 
The sun was shinning ... finally! 
We have had rain for the past two weeks straight it seems like. 
It is a great blessing because we really needed it! 

On Wednesday we attended the worldwide missionary broadcast! 
So, again, the whole mission met 
at one of the church buildings and we watched it!  
They followed up on the last from last year. 
It was great! I heard the same things almost but learned so much again! 
We have wonderful leaders in the church. 
We listed to Elder Oaks, Bednar, Anderson, couple of the seventies, 
and one of the counselors of the presiding bishopric, and Sister Oscarson! They all have great insights for missionary work and the gospel in general. It is the lords work and we did his way.
Because he knows everyone and what they need. 
They also presented the new schedule of missionaries! 
It's a little different. 
President announced that we would be getting up at 5:30.... 
hahaha -was my first thought. 
Then he said he was kidding 
we will still be getting up at 6:30
Good one President Jardine, good one! 
The schedule mostly change a couple of things like lunch is 30 min. 
instead of a hour  -- it is the same with companionship studies. 
Then daily planning is in the morning instead of at night.  
The the biggest thing is that 
we get to schedule these things where 
we think they need to be scheduled that day!
 It is nice because we are agents unto ourselves 
and to use the Lords time to the best we can  --  is amazing! 
I really like it!
 Some of the missionaries didn't -- they like structure and that makes sense -- but to I think the Lord has made this happen at this time 
because it shows that He really trusts us to do His work. 
I am so thankful for that. 
We also received another apostolic blessing! 
Two blessings in two weeks and boy. 
I fell truly blessed and really good. 
Miracles are about to happen! 

We did team ups with Sister Barnes and 
Sister Boaria again.  
I love these two 
so much! 
They have taught 
me a lot! 

I went with Sister Boaria and she is just he cutest thing. 
She has been in here area for seven and a half months. 
That is a long time but her love for the people is the best. 
Saw some snow in her area....!!!! 

Saturday was a killer we did so much service, and I loved it! 
We did yard work for some of our investigators and 
talk about the gospel with them while we were doing it. 
Jack and Carol are just one of the sweetest couples ever. 
They have gone through a lot over the years 
but it was because their love for God they made it through- cool people. 
From 4-8:30pm, we participated 
in a fundraising event for the search and rescue team up here. 
They put on this huge crab/ seafood dinner and we were the servers. 
It was a lot of fun, because there were so many people 
and we had to hurry hurry hurry to get there food to them. 
Saw some of our investigators and some of our potential investigators too. They were so excited to see us and we were so excited to see them! 

After that whole big thing we receive our transfer calls in person! I was a little freaked out and kinda nervous because this is my last one and yup...  I will be staying here with Sister Davis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have made a eternal friend! I am so glad that I get to serve with her one more time! I love this area and she is so great to be with and to serve with! 

On Sunday Chris received the priesthood and he loved it! 
After he received it he and another young man from the ward 
went to bless/give the sacrament to an elderly sister 
who can't make it to church. 
To listen to him talk about that experience made my day! 
We had lunch with that sister  --  Sister Shaffer yesterday. 
She told us about it and 
just loved it that those young men came over and did that for her. 

Last night was really cool too! We had the opportunity to go down to Folsom again and welcome one of the new missionaries into the mission! Sister Anderson is training here so for her first day/ night here the Folsom zone leader came up to have a team only meeting and it was amazingly! We shared our testimony of different truth of the gospel every day with strangers, members and such 
but when you hear testimonies from missionaries and full on testimonies... 
it is one of the greatest things to witness. 
The spirit is so strong! 
I love the missionaries of whom I serve with! 

So this is the first week of this transfer and I am excited to start it off strong! 
Wish me luck! 

Elder Foly, Radmil, kahle, forte, ross, stewart,  sisters anderson, kaufusi, thomas, davis, me 

Got this cool message today... 

And these..... 

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