Monday, January 16, 2017


Davy is doing great we had two lessons with him this week and he came of church yesterday! I was so glad to see he there! Melanie is doing ok, she has kinda stopped responding to us and it is breaking my heart. I wish her the best everyday. But she is going through a lot of things and prayers would be great for her and for Alicia. We haven't had a response from her either. I love those girls and I just want them to receive the blessing that have been given in my life through having the gospel in my life. 

We had crazy flooding this week as well. Like some road were completely ran over by the river. Mud is every where, close calls for me to get out and push the car out. I wouldn't mind if I had to do that. Secretly I kinda wanted to just to say I did. Hahahaha.

So Friday, Elder and Sister Renlund, Elder Dorius and Elder Arden  came to speak to all the sisters here in Sacramento! Sister Davis and I were so excited that we got here earlier to make sure that we get in. So we showed up a couple hours early and did our weekly had all the sisters read a couple talks (A Plea to My Sisters and Do I Believe) before it started. We even got to walk around the temple! In the conference so we mostly did a big group discussion about how important it is to not just go through the motions of the gospel, but to really feel it and get it into our hearts. So live it! 
There were about 1600 women! They also let people ask questions and they would answer. And they bore their testimonies at the end. It was so good! 

Sister Renlund was running most of the meeting and she is hilarious! She was cracking jokes the whole time and it was great! She was very accomplished and man! It was a rock star show! 

I even got to see some of the members from my previous wards but also the Ward got - Tala Ofa Ward! I still could speak a little bit... need to brush up but oh! My heart has a special part reserved just for them and many that I got to know there! 

    But don't worry there is still more excitement to come that night! 

So when we were driving home our car started to shake then these lights started to pop up and flash then they started really beeping! So we pulled over talked with President and our leaders  --- so long story short we got to drive home with Sister Jardine's new mini van! It was nice and no tiwi -- but don't worry we kept the speed limit. 

Then Saturday, we had a mission conference with them. It was the only time so far that I've seen all the missionaries in our mission
together which was way fun! It's always good to catch up with friends and see how they are doing! It's like one big family! 

We took a group pic with Elder and Sister Renlund, Elder Adern and Elder Dorius, President and Sister Jardine, and their counselors.  That took some time... so my face got a work out from all that smiling! Then each of us got to shake Elder Renlund's hand..I shook an apostles hand! So awesome!! 

I had to say the opening prayer and as I was walking up I was smiling but also praying with all my heart that I would say what I needed to say, to not speak so fast and to definitely not mess up. 

Then we began the meeting! President and Sister Jardine spoke.  One of the messages was about prayer.  I learned that prayer is truly a great gift to communicate with our Father in Heaven! 

Then Elder Renlund told us he was here to deliver 3 messages -- 

1. On behalf of the Savior, thank you for serving 

2. You have been called to Sacramento by revelation, 
            you're here for a reason 
3. President and Sister Jardine have been called of God 
            to our mission! 

After at we had a great discussion about the talks where we were asked to study then a Q and A meeting again. That was awesome! 

He then left us with an apostolic blessing again. One in the women conference and one for us missionaries. What amazing blessings were we given! 

I definitely have a testimony that there is a living prophet today Thomas S. Monson. I know that the apostles that help lead the church are called of God as well. I know that Jesus Christ is at the head of the church. 

Then is Sunday we went to Folsom to help out Sister Anderson. She doesn't have a companion at the moment -- so we got to help her out that day. Four people that she taught, were confirmed. Their faces were so bright! 

We also had a chance to just talk with President and Sister Jardine about our area, concerns and all that jazz. They are remarkable! We were given blessings by President! I have a firm testimony of the priesthood! It truly is the power of God! I know that our Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us! 

There is so much more to say but I just don't have time, maybe I will put it in next week email! 

Biggest shout out would to be to my dad this coming week! It's his birthday and has taught me so much in my life! I love him lots! 

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