Thursday, January 12, 2017


This week was by far the most busiest, stressful, funniest, spiritual,

craziest, and most amazing week ever! 

Two exchanges.... this time for exchanges they have the sister come into our area. 
So there are four sisters in one area.... that means more work 
which means 
we saw everyone 
in our area-book, 
all our less actives and almost all our members 

....oh, what are 
we going to do? 
work even harder. 
It go go time!

My first exchange was with Sister Kearl and this little missionary is a fireball. We had this lesson with Melanie and it was spirit bomb times ten ----- so it was a nuclear spirit bomb! Before we went to a lesson we picked up a recent return missionary, Cami. She told us to never doubt the authority and power of our calling. I took that to heart. 
I already knew that but it's always nice to receive a reminder. Anyway we go in the lesson and our investigator just starts going off.  Cami stops her and says ... "do you know why these girls are here and what they can do? They hold a power and have a authority greater than you know. They help us come closer to our Savior. They are trying to help you but if you have your heart closed then you are not helping yourself. Listen to what they have to say and I am sure it's what you need to hear." Melanie, the investigator, was silent for a good bit. Then she said " this baptism that they are talking about is the only way then." She looked at us and I bore my testimony of our savior and his divine mission of the atonement. I bore witness of the priesthood and how baptism needs to go through those keys. Sister Kearl also bore her testimony. The Spirit was so strong in that room. She closed her eyes and started to cry. I invited her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. She said yes! We talked about putting forth effort, the rest of the Restoration and of course promised her blessing. We have appt. on Wednesday,---  hope it goes well.

Then we went on another exchange, with Sister Barnes! She has grown so much and I am so thankful to get to know her. It has been raining none stop so we didn't get contact a lot of people but the few we did get to were open to the Bible study class so that's nice! We also went on team ups with Sister Anderson and Sister Shirley! They are too sweet girls!

Zone trading was amazing! First off we present our mission goal for baptisms which is 365!!!!! When Sister Davis and I were at MLC and prayed about it the Spirit just confirmed to everyone at this is the goal that the Lord has chosen for the Sacramento mission this year! Oh. It was amazing! Of course it also symbolizes that we need to work everyday all day doing our very best to help out her come unto Christ teaching repentance. That was the focus of our zone trading too. We focus a little more on that and helping the missionaries understand the true power and authority they have. 

We also had a recent convert---Erin come and kinda give the missionaries a pump up talk about when they do teach repentance and strive to be an example of Christ then people are then blessed. President Jardine and Sister Jardine came as well. They always share great words of wisdom! Love them tons! Had lunch with them too and the whole zone. We got to have a mini training with our district leader and Sister Jardine afterwards... it was great
focused a lot on the Book of Mormon. They recommitted us to mark all the reference of Christ in the Book of Mormon and all his attributes. I have done this and my testimony of my Savior has grown so much by doing so. We also were able to be interviewed by President Jardine. He is always on top of things and I just love him so much! We talked about how I have grown and some other things that I will always remember. He has done a lot for us missionaries here in Sacramento California. 

It has been raining cats and dogs and for the past days and will be for the next week. Kinda fun seeing rivers on the road and the main river rising up. Lucky me I live on somewhat tip of the somewhat tall hill ( small mountain).

Today a nice member paid for our groceries! She was the nicest thing ever. Then we broke a sweat and played soccer, basketball.  Sister Davis and I are still having tons of fun and she is still cracking jokes all the time. It's great to have someone that makes me laugh all the time. 

Found a lizard today in our room! 

Well this week will be busy again... one more team up and a Mission conference because someone cool is coming and you all will have to wait for next week email for me to tell .. ok Elder Renlund is coming!! We get to have a women's conference and a mission conference with them so EXCITED !!
Hurrah for Isreal!

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