Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12/14/2015 Report

... this week! 

We did a lot of service.

I got injured (tripped off the curb and went down...) The elders and my companion
said I airdropped :))  It's good now I can walk -- but can't run yet.  

We had some investigators show up to some Ward activities. 
The ward members are now finding people for us to teach!!..

It is third week into this transfer and time has gone by sooo fast. 

We are going to start caroling to our investigators next week and to our ward members. 

The work is going by slow, but that's just because it's the holiday season. 

We biked a lot before I got hurt. 

Found a lot of referrals for the English and Spanish missionaries.

I finished the Book of Mormon!! 
 I love this Book! 
I have learned so much about the history and personal things.
 Many questions were answered and I felt such peace and clarity while reading it.  
 I admit that while reading in 2 Nephi in the Isaiah chapters I got lost,  as well as in some chapters about the wars but I have learned sooo much by reading the Book of Mormon.   

know the Book of Mormon contains the word of God and 
I know Joseph Smith was called to translated it.  He was a prophet of God.

Reindeer? or MOOSINARIES?

"A couple of Moosinaries"

Monday, December 7, 2015

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice greatly...

We biked a lot his week, luckily it wasn't raining and we met some people. 

One person pretty much told me through scriptures (the bible) that are women are stupid and that men shouldn't listen to them and that women can't teach the the teaching in the bible. 

I not going to lie, it was scary. He was a huge guy and he kept talking over me. So I just looked down at the scriptures read the last verse he gave me to read then I read the verse after and then I said " but the verse after that one says that men and women are equal..."  As I was saying this he hopped on his bike and yelled go home! 

I am in the worst part in Sacramento and nothing bad has happened except for that scary guy and the shooting some blocks down the way that happened a month ago.

Most everyone we are teaching do not seem to want to meet with us, but.....

There was this one man that we wanted to meet when we first came in and the people that lived there said he moved and we tried another time and the same result but a member told she had someone for us to teach and that she would take us to them. So she took us there and he was there then two days later he took the invitation to come to church.  He even bore his testimony!!  At the end of  church he told us that he wanted to come next week! Whaaaaaaat!!!

I finished 3rd and 4th Nephi.   I loved reading about our Savior and what he told those and the Americas. One if my favorite parts is when the Savior wept and prayed with the people. He loved everyone so much and that is what I love. I want to have that compassion and love that the Savior had for them. I already love everyone but I want to really see them as my brothers and sisters, children of our Heavenly Father.

I loved the new Christmas video the church put out this year.  Especially when they say... "Rejoice, rejoice,rejoice greatly...." I say those words so much that everyone know what I am going to say before I say it and beats me to saying it == but, the words remind me that I need to be joyful when I put on my name tag and talk to other about our Savior.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season!

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Hey everyone!! Wow this week was amazing! On Thursday we had a zone conference where Elder Hamula and his wife, as well as President and Sister Jardine. I have learned soo much from them. 

Elder Hamula talked about changing.  First ... we are agents and we shouldn't be someone that the world can act upon -- we must choose what we react to. 

Second .. we should fake it till we make it. We choose what we want to be. If you want to be happy -- then you smile and act happy -- Soon that is what you will become  --- happy.  

Third ... real change happens through Jesus Christ and his mercy.  When we want to change --  it can be hard, but through His strength -- all things are possible.

 I love the Book of Mormon, I am in Alma 36 and the I love Alma the Younger especially when he talks to his son about his conversion. He was in pure torment because of his sins, but just when he thought he couldn't hold on any longer -- he had a thought about our Savior and what the Savior did for us. After catching that thought and holding on to it he started to feel joy. I love that just a little thought brought him so much joy!! Imagine even a bigger thought of the sacrifice of our Savior can do for us ...for me!! I learned more too but that stood out this week. 

Another investigator, who is amazing, said "yes" to be baptized in three weeks!!!!!!! Seeing three of our investigators on date of baptism and seeing their relationship with God grow allows my testimony grow stronger and stronger.

I love being out here on the mission!!!

Hey, so we had Brother Eric Shumway come and speak to 300 non-members (Tongan) at a fireside.  He speaks perfect Tongan and he is super funny!!   I couldn't really understand much of what he said, but at one point he told everyone "don't run away from the missionaries" as he pointed to us and then said "when they are chasing after you" --- everyone started laughing!!! 


I love my Heavenly Father soooo much!
**Note -- We just noticed Sister Hyde and Sister Lavea's name tags are in different languages
Alot has happened this week of Thanksgiving!Thanksgiving Day was interesting.  
We had THREE Thanksgiving dinners!  

By the end of the second I felt like throwing up each time I put the fork to my mouth. Something cool happened at the second one though... 
There was a older couple walking outside and it was really cold outside --  
so Sister Lavea and I -- with Elders Toki and Langi  -- 
went outside to talk to them, give them some food and share a message. 
They said that we were kind BUT our message was not correct and then they scolded us.

Transfer calls came this week.  GUESS WHAT... I am sooo excited.....I get to stay with Sister Lavea!!!!!!!!! It doesn't happen very often that you stay with your companion in the same area  --- but we do!! I am so happy!!! 

I am done with the 12 week missionary training now!! I loved that too!

We have a new investigator and she said yes to baptism!! She is amazing!! 

I love this Ward too!! My Tongan and Samoan are getting a little better.. 
I don't know how to say a lot of words but when someone else says them --  I understand it!

We went to the temple today(I loved it!)and took along another sister who had transferred to our area.

If you get a chance -- watch the new Christmas video.   I love it soooooo much!  I love how excited all the kids are about talking about our Savior Jesus Christ.

I have decided I am going to be that joyful
 when I share the news of our Savior's birth to everyone.

I love you all -- 

Sista Hyde

Antics of Sister Lavea

Scary? Shealyn says Sister Lavea LOVES to scare her.

"Sister Lavea loves to spit spitballs at me but what comes around goes around... KARMA "

Beautiful Language

Enjoying the beautiful language of dance!
Sorry .... the video didn't auto correct position when the recorder was turned.



 ... a new food option?