Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12/14/2015 Report

... this week! 

We did a lot of service.

I got injured (tripped off the curb and went down...) The elders and my companion
said I airdropped :))  It's good now I can walk -- but can't run yet.  

We had some investigators show up to some Ward activities. 
The ward members are now finding people for us to teach!!..

It is third week into this transfer and time has gone by sooo fast. 

We are going to start caroling to our investigators next week and to our ward members. 

The work is going by slow, but that's just because it's the holiday season. 

We biked a lot before I got hurt. 

Found a lot of referrals for the English and Spanish missionaries.

I finished the Book of Mormon!! 
 I love this Book! 
I have learned so much about the history and personal things.
 Many questions were answered and I felt such peace and clarity while reading it.  
 I admit that while reading in 2 Nephi in the Isaiah chapters I got lost,  as well as in some chapters about the wars but I have learned sooo much by reading the Book of Mormon.   

know the Book of Mormon contains the word of God and 
I know Joseph Smith was called to translated it.  He was a prophet of God.

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