Saturday, December 5, 2015


Hey everyone!! Wow this week was amazing! On Thursday we had a zone conference where Elder Hamula and his wife, as well as President and Sister Jardine. I have learned soo much from them. 

Elder Hamula talked about changing.  First ... we are agents and we shouldn't be someone that the world can act upon -- we must choose what we react to. 

Second .. we should fake it till we make it. We choose what we want to be. If you want to be happy -- then you smile and act happy -- Soon that is what you will become  --- happy.  

Third ... real change happens through Jesus Christ and his mercy.  When we want to change --  it can be hard, but through His strength -- all things are possible.

 I love the Book of Mormon, I am in Alma 36 and the I love Alma the Younger especially when he talks to his son about his conversion. He was in pure torment because of his sins, but just when he thought he couldn't hold on any longer -- he had a thought about our Savior and what the Savior did for us. After catching that thought and holding on to it he started to feel joy. I love that just a little thought brought him so much joy!! Imagine even a bigger thought of the sacrifice of our Savior can do for us ...for me!! I learned more too but that stood out this week. 

Another investigator, who is amazing, said "yes" to be baptized in three weeks!!!!!!! Seeing three of our investigators on date of baptism and seeing their relationship with God grow allows my testimony grow stronger and stronger.

I love being out here on the mission!!!

Hey, so we had Brother Eric Shumway come and speak to 300 non-members (Tongan) at a fireside.  He speaks perfect Tongan and he is super funny!!   I couldn't really understand much of what he said, but at one point he told everyone "don't run away from the missionaries" as he pointed to us and then said "when they are chasing after you" --- everyone started laughing!!! 

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