Saturday, February 11, 2017

No Easy Road

This week was a good week. We just had a lot of meetings this week. 

Some of them were with the zone leaders --  about setting our goal to help others come to the waters of baptism and to see how we can help the missionaries in the El Dorado zone. We have a lot of great missionaries up here who work hard and are a blast to be around. 

We had a stake missionary dinner in Wednesday and to see a lot of people geared up to help the Lord in His work is such a great sight to see. 

One great day when it was raining and cold so we went to Safeway got us a hot bowl of soup, ate it, then back out to work. Let me say it does help to work more efficient when you have a full belly. Hahaha. 

We visited Sue this week and every time we come over her and her husband are warming up to us more. That is great news because that means her heart is softening!!!

Super Bowl Sunday  .... no one opened their doors. We heard the tvs going and everything with everyone we went to. In the end it was a big laugh to me. One guy opened his door and said "look ladies now is really not a good time...  (he looked back to the t.v, then back to us, his face showing how desperately he wanted to watch the game).  He told us a day we could come back. 

We will go back but just how funny that happened ... hahaha. 

Our area is a gorgeous place we just need some more people to share the gospel too. So we met with the bishop -- who is super cool! He has met everyone on the Ward record and knows them! So when we went over to see how we can help him he already had things lined up, people for us to go see and everything! Super cool! Love this Ward so much! 

District meeting was awesome! We have Elder Calvert as a District leader, and he was my district leader some transfers ago. We had a great district meeting. We focused on sharing our expectations with our investigators. 

Chris blessed the sacrament this Sunday! So proud of that kid. He is getting more engaged in the church activities. He even participates in class, sometimes he talks a lot on a answer to a question. This kid is awesome! Now we working to help him get to the temple to do baptisms and such! Super excited for that. 

One thing that I was focusing on this week 
was what am I suppose to become. 
Our Savior helped the apostles, 
and us, see that we need to become our best self 
and by doing that,  ultimately, we become like him. 
Like when he says, "come follow me". 

I love this quote and it pretty much summed up what I learned ...

" Men and women who 
turn their lives over 
to God 
will discover that He can make 
more out of their lives than they can. 
He will deepen their joys, 
expand their vision, 
quicken their minds 
and strengthen their muscles, 
lift their spirits 
and multiply their blessings, 
increase their opportunities, 
comfort their souls, raise up friends, 
and pour out peace. 
Whoever will lose his life in the service of God 
will find eternal life. " 
  • President Ezra Taft Benson

We were also driving down this one road and found this sign... image1.JPG

 yup... and that road wasn't an easy one
but it opened up to a nice green pasture 
and looked out to this amazingly gorgeous sight 
and it got me thinking... which isn't the best sometimes .. haha but yah! 
Sometimes we may be on a not so easy road but when we rely on the Lord 
and trust Him then will our blessing be great! 

Hope you all had a great week and wish you the best for this next one!

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