Sunday, March 6, 2016

Small World

Transfer Monday! 
So, I have been transferred to the Ashen Park Ward.  
On the last breakfast  -- 
some of the close friends I was able to spend time with took us out to eat at Ihop! 
They are all RM's!  
And Sister Lavea is almost a RM --  in about a week! 
These are some of the most amazing women that you will have ever met!!
 I love them so much. 
I don't want to leave but I know that the lord needs me in the new area.
 I am going to have a hard time to adjust I know it. 
But,  I am going to work it just as hard and have as much fun working as I did in Tala Ofa! 

( the one closest to me Lata Kafu served in the Georgia north mission!- where I am from, and she knew some of the young women that I love! the one closest to her serve in Idaho and knew where I lived in sugar city and the families that I loved there like the Gee's) -- All RM's and amazing people!

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