Friday, February 19, 2016

The Beginning of An Answer

 This week has been good. 

Our investigator, Zach,  moved back to Florida this week.  Please keep him in your prayers and hope him the best -- he is an awesome person.
One of our recent converts Jordan. (Jordan is got baptized last spring and never got his new member lessons so we are teaching those to him.)  He felt bad that no one gives us valentines so he gave us valentines. 

How sweet is this kid! 

He also holds the door open for us whenever we come into the church building.

He makes our day when we see him.

Sooo, we have no one..... absolutely no -one to teach.  But we have been working hard and focusing on the less active members to come back to church and ward activities that we organize. There is so much in my heart when I see these members come to church and sit in the rows waiting for the sacrament  meeting  to start. I love these people soooo much, I m never going back. I try my hardest to help everyone, because I love them and my savior and now I want to stay here! 
We were able to listen to a broadcast for our stake conference.  I learned so much...from Sister Oscarson, Elder Renlund, Hamula, and Grow. 

I realized the beginning of an answer to every question related to the gospel can be answered by the first vision.  If we believe God gives revelation to his children to help and direct them --then we can get help to understand the things we question.  

I really loved the broadcast.  

Well, I love you guys and hope everyone is doing awesome!!
Sister Hyde

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