Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Finding Myself

So the work here has been really slow but now it is starting to pick up! 

We have two investigators who are going to be baptized this next month! 
Zake and Pio! 
They are both doing really well.  Each have things to work on but who doesn't.  
I am so glad I have gotten to know them because they have taught me so much. 

Working in the Tongan Ward boundaries has been a challenge.
There are not a lot of Tongans or Somaons who are ready to leave their church 
and their culture to join ours.  
Those that are "ready" --  are the sons or daughters of pastors from other churches, 

soo.... since there are only a few people to teach we have been working hard
with the less active members and the youth. 

The ward missionaries are such a huge help --  when they help us.
It seems to work that when they are involved with our investigators -- their families start to help 
and then our investigators want to get baptized! 

We have been teaming up with the young women of the ward who have just graduated -
(same year as me, CRAZY! RIGHT!) to come out with us and teach.
Since the beginning of me being here -- 
FOUR young women have decided to go on missions! 
 They are incredible women who are ready to serve the Lord. Wow!! 

Now we are trying to get the young men just as excited to serve, but they are more trickier.

The picture above is Aluxus, who helps us when we go teach Zake.  

 We had a missionary broadcast this week and it was amazing! 
I love Elder Bednar and Elder Oaks!

I loved how Elder Oaks said - don't go home realizing that you had missed opportunities. 
That really struck me.
 I have made a goal to be being more confident in the Holy Ghost, 
Heavenly Father and in our Savior.   All the time.
I have been seeing that if I really rely on them everyday then I
won't have those missed opportunities.  
I try to talk and smile at everyone.  
I realize that I've been sent here to give them a chance to have
the Holy Ghost teach them about our Savior's love.  

From one of the last conferences, I heard it should be like I am a doctor 
working as hard as I can for my dying patient -- 
to give them the chance to live.  
 I decided that -- Yes! I want to use all of those doctor's tools to have this person live! 
The funny thing is that as I have been so much more confident in them -- 
am more confident in myself!   I am finding and fixing myself in the process.  
I never imagined this... I mean, before coming and since being on a mission
 I often heard the secret to fix all on the mission was 
 "just forget yourself and go to work". 
I did and now I see why. 
When I do all I can to help others -- 
 to know who they are and why they are here -- 
I am find myself! 

Sorry to be preachy. I just thought that would be really cool to share.

We played a mix game of dodge-ball and baseball today! 
It was so nice to get my hands on a bat and gloves!

Love y'all and hope you have a great week!

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