Saturday, January 16, 2016

It is good to know...

Soo much has happened this week. Went to the temple today, went to DI
and all the workers said Hi Sisters! , transfers came and I get to
stay in the Tala Ofa Ward and still get to learn Tongan and Somaon !!,
I had two great lessons this week

We went to go see a potential investigator but instead of seeing
her we got to see her sister, Irene! She said, while smoking and escorting us down the drive way, "we're kinda busy right now so can you come by another time?"

I had been wanting to speak to someone the whole day -- so I whipped out my iPad and said 
"Oh,  sorry.   But,  hey...  so there is a new video that came out.  We are asking people to see it and give us suggestions about what could make it better.  Can you watch it and tell us what you think?"She said, "sure, ok."  and then asked, "are you two in it?"

I said, "nope, but that could have made it even more better, I'll write the person and tell them you suggested it -- but, I think this video is just about perfect." then I pressed play... 
( the video was - A World Without a Savior) 

When the video finished she was crying.. I asked her, "What do you think right now and how do you feel? She said, " I feel reminded of my purpose to remember that a savior really did come for me and that you two are sent here to help me. "

We talked some more and as I was talking, I saw the Book of Mormon in my companions hands and said ... "One way that we can come to know more about our Savior and what he has done for us is in this book, ... your book. This book will help you make the decisions that will direct you in times of need and right now."   She looked at it and I said "this is your book --  sooo" .... I opened it up grabbed my pen and wrote - "for Irene G. From the Sister missionaries".  My companion for the day(exchanges) - Sister Clark grabbed the book
showed Irene, the passage she should read and bore her testimony.  Then, I bore mine. 

After that she said, " thank you" and she said, "she felt different ... a good different."
  So of course she will read it! 
She then turned to Sister Clark and said, "can I have my book back." 

She said "MY" book not "the" book. 
 It got me thinking -- 
The Book of Mormon IS... HER book 
.... and it is MY book 
... IT IS EVERYONE'S book!
I know The Book of Mormon is true.
  I know it is another testament of Jesus Christ. 
 It will provide you with peace and direction in times of need!

OH, I don't have time to share the second experience, 
so I guess I will save that treat for the next pday !

Love you all and hope you all are doing great!

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