Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Singing "Confidence In Me"

I am now in a biking area and my legs are barely getting use it it, they still hurt sometimes but mostly I am just fine it it. Except when I go up this massive hill --  then it gets hard or if we have to book'it  -- 2-1/2 miles in UNDER seven minutes - which we did - for an appointment.  

We have been having tons of rain storms -- and yes, we have been biking in and through them ---  and LOVING IT!!! -- At least I am trying to make the most of it --- Although, I do get frustrated when drivers proceed to drive by super close to us and SPLASH us.   Not much else I can do but to start to sing Lead Kindly Light or I am a Child of God.... And just smile at the car. Or sometimes I'll start singing - "Sing'n in the Rain".  "Confidence In Me" from "The Sound of Music" is another favorite.  My companion just laughs at me. She has decided that I am like Donkey and she is Shrek. Hahaha. 

CALIFORNIA is giving Texas a run for their money in the size of the local Walmarts.  The one closest to us has an escalator.... not just one for people.....but one for your shopping cart too.

We are working with a little girl named Avionna.  She is going to get baptized this month. I am so amazed by her -- she is only nine and has such a fantastic testimony.  I am learning so much from her. I love her so much. 

Communication Tower
Sacramento CA Style

I am so grateful for all I am learning from the Book of Mormon!  I am in Ether again and I am amazed about how much faith the brother of Jared had. He had so much faith and trust in the Lord -- His relationship with our Heavenly Father was remarkable and he is a wonderful example of prayer  --- of communicating with Heavenly Father.  He has shown me I should pray when I have been blessed -- I should pray to Heavenly Father continually expressing my gratitude -- I should pray when I am on the top of the world or when I am going though troubling times --  pray for guidance and pray for peace.

There is so much I learned but so little time to say it all ... Love you all and have a blessed safe week!

                           Over and out,
                                                 Sister Hyde


 Don't ever let "the dress" stop you true to who you are... 

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