Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Roller Coasters

Helloooo Everybody!! Just in from the east part of the Sacramento Mission in the Ashton Park Ward, Sister Hyde had a week full of ups and downs.   OK ...so I need to work on my broadcasting talents but practice is a good thing,  right? 

The downs...it has been full of rain, rain, rain, rain, and more rain, as well as cancelled appointments, cancelled appointments, cancelled appointments with a few more cancelled appointments. Ugh!!! But that is a part of missionary life.  

BUT the ups..... of this week have been amazing!!

We had zone conference where three zones come together and are counseled and directed by President and Sister Jardine and the assistants to the president, more leaders in our mission  and our zone leaders. It was really good because most of it was focused to on the Book of Mormon and how we really need to use it more in our contacts with everyone we meet. Because the testimony of the Book of Mormon is sooo powerful! It helps answers questions of the soul, allows us to see what the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ can do in our lives and soooo much more. I am so grateful with their counsel.

They also talked about the Easter initiative we have this year and I love the video # Hallelujah!!!!!  I love it because it shows that we need to be joyful around this Easter time because our Savior made it possible to allow us to see our loved ones again and to live again after death.

Sunday was amazing!! Sacrament meeting was about finding happiness and then keep hold of it. Sunday school was awesome.. thought about our investigators and answers came for them then, and then Relief Society was about Faith and Fear and how they don't work together.... I loved it!!

Oh !!  One of our investigators- Avionna and her family made a poster for us with scriptures and it was sooo nice. It was just what I needed that day too! I love her soo much. She is going to be baptized in three weeks
We did a lot of service this week too!  It helped a lot! 
One of the services was to feed sheep and wash a lamb. 
It was super funny and I loved it.  

So... even though the ups have far outweighed the downs..... 
 I will say this .... If another car splashes me  -- I am literally going to BURST.....

INTO SONG.... " As I have loved you. Love one another..."  

This is Sister Hyde.... over and out.

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