Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Starting to Pick UP

Ok ..... So ........... I am absolutely loving my mission!!! This week has been super busy. We didn't teach a lot of people but things here in Ashton Park are starting to pick up. 

First things first Kirk and Colleen are getting married on June 25 and so he can be baptized after that! I am super excited to see part of his journey in coming closer to our Heavenly Father!

We also taught Rachel P. this week about prayer. She has asked us before we teach her anything at all about our church and such she wants to know what she can do to receive answers and how to receive answers. She is a very lively person who wants to know truth and wants to know how to know of the truth when it is being presented to her. We also taught Ashton Parks recent converts. They are both young boys that have gone through a lot but have testimonies that are growing and many people that love them.
We have been very busy in trying to visit less- actives in our ward and boy -- It takes a lot of effort out of you, sometimes. But I love doing member work! Sister Erickson and I get to meet such wonderful people and get to hear amazing stories about their families,lives and their testimonies of our Savior!

Sister Erickson and I were going through all of our less-active members and we came across Alicia. We gave her a call and she was so excited to met with us so we set up a time to meet with her. She is such an  amazing women who has been through a lot. She never was able to have kids which she is sad about. And that is really sad so she doesn't come to church because The Church of Jesus of Latter-Day Saints focuses on families so much and gets her heart every time. But despite of it all she is one of the sweetest, optimistic people that I have ever met and has a gorgeous smile!  
Our mission is letting us do family history now and what is even cooler is that the Stake has been trying to get he word out to do family history as well. So they put in this small play devotion to get people thinking about family history and to start to participate in family history. Sister Erickson  and I were in it. It was fun, because we got to act just a little bit but and that we didn't have to memorize anything. We were put into a family that have all died and had a chance to know if we have been found and if each of our work had been done- each of our names were found and work had been done for each of us except our youngest sister did not. What was sad was that I saw her go sit where we were sitting before and she couldn't join our "family" until somebody on earth found her and did the work for her. 

One thing that bugged me this week was when we talked to people on the street and they asked me how far I have been on my mission and I say nine months and they say -wow almost done huh? ...... No sir it is not ... It went by so fast and I love being a missionary!! 
Hope everybody is doing great!
Love Sister Hyde

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