Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Hi everyone!! So we had transfers and I have a new companion- whom I love and I lead the area. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  We did though lose each other for a good twenty- five minutes. 

It was awful!! 

Sister Erickson hasn't been on bike for six months and let's just say I have permission to say this ... She is not that good on the bike but she is getting better. Anyway, we were going up a steady incline and all of a sudden I look back to check on her and she isn't there........ Yahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! 

So I pedal back and yell her name but NOTHING!

I stop some people walking toward me and I start to think ... How am I going to teach these people about the gospel without my companion and ask if they saw a women  with a light blue shirt and a gray skirt...? 

I go up introduce myself ask if they seen her... And I did something horrible I didn't ask or teach
anything :( bad sister Hyde .. I know) they said no but I could wait for them to finish their walk and 
meet them out side their house to use the phone since Sister Erickson had the phone ... 
I thought "What? ... I lost my companion I need a phone now"  but I said "oh that's ok I'll just keep looking
for her".  And then the car came up and having watched this whole thing, asked "is something wrong."
 You know when moms know something is wrong and their heart goes out to them -- well this nice lady did that. She lent me her phone to call President Jardine and Sister Terri -- but then she had to go because she had to take her son to the doctors so she left but hope for the best for me. I stayed were I was because the leaders were trying to take hold of the situation and .... well.... everything ended up okay.  To sum up the rest of the story we
found each other in the end and made it to the Relief Society were one  of our investigators -Jamie was waiting for us. On a side note, Jamie had to move her baptismal date but she still wants to be baptized !!

Sister Erickson literally cracks me up everyday. I love her.

We saw Kirk this week and when I came in he was wearing the humble
badge I made him! We have a new investigator-  Andrew!  He is really
cool and as we were teaching the Restoration to him and how Jesus
Christ church need the preisthood to be run and that we have that
today .. He said " that makes total sense, may I come? " !!!! He is
soo prepared !! The first time I met him we shared a brief message of
the Restoration and commitment him to read the introduction to the
Book of Mormon and pray to know that what it says is true. When we
came last Friday he did just that and really wants to know more! His
wife Ester listened to the conversion from the kitchen and Andrew said
that he wants her to sit in next time. He could come to church
yesterday because it is tax season and he got called in because soo
many people has done their taxes late and they needed help but said
that he is looking forward to our next vist!!

On Saturday one of our members - Sister Thompson took us to
Leatherbees! It was soooo gooood!! We were waiting for our ice cream
and all of a sudden I hear sister Hyde, sister Hyde, sister Hyde ... I
look up and around and it is my friends members from Tala Ofa!! It was
soo good to see them. Jesse just went to the Temple and is leaving on
Wednesday for her mission in Michigan!! It was sooo nice to see them!
Hope them all the best!

I just finished Omni again and I love him he is a great example of
humility and an example to want to continue to be better and build his
relationship with the Lord.

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