Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Transferred ...


This week was sooo busy. Sister Erickson and I met two new people that want to hear the gospel! One of them is Connie and she is amazing and wanting to build an relationship with our Heavenly Father. I am so excited for her! 

Then we were able to talk to Tequila and guess what ---her whole family wants to go to church and and wanted Priesthood blessings.  I love to see those that I work with see the blessings that the Priesthood can give to them.

Sister Erickson is such a great person. Every time that we teach a lesson she always knows what to say and that she has an amazing personality.

Transfer calls came in and I move now serving in Mather Ward and in Anatolia Ward with the amazing Sister Cundick! I am really looking forward to serving with her and in those areas.  We are part time in a car and part time on bikes because we cover two wards ----  so that is going to be nice this summer.  We had a lesson last night with Kevin and Shirley and they are recent converts in the Mather Ward and they are amazing! 

I will miss Ashton Park 
but now they have great missionaries there- 
Sister Erickson and Siter Munk. 
We literally just switch places. 
Funny right.
During the whole transfer thing getting our companions and such my big suitcase ...... Broke.... 
The left wheel came off all the way and the the zipper was slower breaking. Good thing some elders just pick that thing right up and took it to there car. 


I went to the Sacramento Temple! 
I love going to the temple !
The peace I feel and joy- I just love it! 
I went with one of my last companions, the amazing Sister Christensen and the amazing sister Slaughter. 
Crazy right !  I will write more next week ... Sorry.

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