Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Olive Trees

Hey everybody 
so this week we been biking a lot and there's a lot of olive trees in our area
... so I was a squish the olives while I bike to our investigators and members
 I start to think about our Savior Jesus Christ and when he was in the Garden of Getsemane. 
I love to sing super loud while riding my bike and 
so this week I've been singing a lot of sacrament hymns like "There is a Green Hill Far Away", 
I Stand All Amazed, I Believe In Christ, and I Know My Savior Lives. 
Easter is coming up and I'm truly grateful to have this experience to ponder upon our saviors last days in his ministry and especially when he performed most of the atonement in a garden of olive trees.

This week has been fun because we met with a lot of our investigators
with members present and I have learned so much from them and my
companion! We had two of them come to church and they are amazing!
They love to share this per answers which most of the time were on
point and really good! We were so happy to see them there.
We met with a less Active member and let's just say he bible bashed us
and I just shared my testimony and shared Moroni 10:3-5 , that if he
has doubts or anything to question, turn to God and through the the
Holy Ghost, He would answer us. I testified of these ,then said good
bye have a blessed day and  he realized that he couldn't say anything
more so we got on our bikes and rode off. When we were a little ways
away I started to sing - onward Christian soldiers marching on to war
, with the cross of Jesus.... Sister Christensen just started
laughing. I love her. She has an amazing singing voice too. Not me but
all my two companions have had amazing voices.
We volunteered with the IRC in helping refugees with their resumes!
That was pretty cool to see these people go through so much and have
had hard lives and then came here to start again and do better.
I now have a shoe tan, watch tan, ring tan and a somewhat farmers
tan.... Noooooo.... Not good! Funny but not good!
Anyhow, hope all is going well and that I love each of you!
This is Sister Hyde over and out

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