Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pan'n for Gold... Let'n Go... Get'n Hitched ... and Talk'n to Mom

I am spending today with Sister Thomson and she is an amazing missionary and I enjoy being around her. Sister Erickson is at Columa today. President and Sister Jardine take the departing missionaries leaving at the end of this year and the beginning of next year to go pan for gold since this is California. You cant leave California without panning for gold right? So she is there and I have been doing laundry and grocery shopping today.The week has gone by really fast. 

We have been planning on (dropping- letting go of our investigators because they are not keeping the commitments that we leave them and have expressed that they don't want to grow their relationship with our Heavenly Father right now) some of our investigators and when we had our Zone training and one of our commitments they gave us was to drop our non-progressing investigators, we felt that it is going to be hard but that it was the right thing so I guess we received a little push. Dropping investigators are hard but it is the best way to allow them to see that they need to work on the desire to be baptized and grow their relationship with Him everyday even though it can be hard. 

We are going to give Kirk a baptismal date since he is going to be married next month! We having been working with a lot with our last actives and yesterday some of them came! I was so excited what would have made it better if they came a little earlier and sat by us. But they came and I am glad!

Sister Erickson got the clear to go with her knee but to take it easy. I love biking so now I am excited to bike more. I love being out side. 
One of the best things that happened this week was yesterday! I am beyond words to say how I felt that I got to talk with my Mom and my family. They are all growing up soo fast and that they are all doing good! I love them sooo much!!!!!I am really excited about that! One of the best days ever!!!!!! Love them !!!!

I LOVE being out here on a mission because everyday I get to talk to soo many people. Some of them don't tell me the time of the day but others tell me everything because they want help. Not any help but our Heavenly Fathers help. One guy told me this week that he told me most of his trails and low valleys because when he saw our name tags he knew that we were trying to represent our Savior and that we are here to extend his love and help. So he told us because he knew that our Savior would help so we would help. We said a prayer with him but haven't been able to be in contact since then.

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