Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I hope that you had a great Easter. I did. This week has been amazing. As I was preparing for this Easter Sunday, I really tried to put more of an effort to focus this week on the Savior and on the last days of His ministry. I loved riding past the olive trees and thinking about the Garden of Gethsemane and his suffering that he performed there. I sung more sacrament hymns in my head and out loud. I read about His last days in the New Testament books and the miracles and the Atonement that He performed. I also read about His Resurrection in them as well and in the Book of Mormon. My testimony of my Savior really grew! He did so much for me and the people of whom I truly love. I know he lives today! 

Image result for image of girl lost looking at a mapThis week has been great! We has exchanges this week and I learned  I CAN DO THIS -- we stayed in my area and even though I get confused of where I am sometimes, I know I can do it. Hermana Thomson is a great sister training leader. 

We invited one of our investigators- James - to be baptized this week and he said YES! He said though that he wants to pray about the date of the 23 of April but he said YES! He also came to church! Which was amazing because the sacrament speakers were both converts, shared their stories and testified that this is the true church and that our Savior really does love us. He started to get teary eyed and ya know what everyone... I know he felt the Spirit.  I got to see the Lord's hand help him in that moment and it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen! 

We also added three new investigators to our teaching pool! They are truly some remarkable people that have been prepared! I am so excited to work with them this week. 

The General Womens' Conference was really good! I loved that we all need to have a Eye single to service! After talking to Bishop Timpson and hearing the leaders of the church talk about how service should just come automatically and not as a chore. You never know who you might impact.
So,  my legs got scraped up this week ... I didn't exactly fall but did a little something.  Oh, and I got sick again ... :(  but that is ok. pity me right?

Hope everyone is doing awesome! Thank you for the emails and I love you all!

This is SIster Hyde ... over and out

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