Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Going on a Lion Hunt... I'm not scared!

Soooo the pictures of all the animals ... 

We went over to for dinner with the Prudlers.  

His hobby is he hunts big game.  

Let's say he has travelled

all over the world to kill them. I didn't get that many pictures but there was a great big bear in its hind legs and a polar bear too. A lot of mountain goats, a zebra , cheetah, hogs etc..... a lot of them....

Anyway,  before he started telling of his adventures and such he asked we not to touch animals.  So, I didn't touch the animals -- BUT then when got to the lions -- he said I could touch it's teeth.... "OK!"......  as I began to touch the teeth, Mr Prudler let out a humongous ROAR! 

As I went flying to the door --  I tripped over the chair and almost fell..... 
He scared me soooo bad!!  Sister Erickson, Sister Prudler and Mr. Prudler could not stop laughing.

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