Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I LOVE THE LORD, His work and have a firm testimony of the gospel.

It's been a real good week and just crazy!!! We had two exchanges and one team up!

1st exchange was with Sister Sessions and that was awesome! The day
was so nice and sunny! We meet some less actives and they actually
came to church that was amazing! She is such a cool missionary. We had
similar interests and it was nice to talk to her.

2nd exchange was with Sister Baird.  She is a new missionary and the one word to describe her is PRO!! She is so obedient and an example 
to me. I love her tons and had a really great time with her!!

Then we had team ups and I went with Sister Barnes. We went in a area that they don't get to go to very often because it is so far out anyway we went up there see someone and they moved... but we did get to talk to someone  -- they weren't interested but their view of Mormons was way awesome! It was beginning to snow up there too!!

We had zone conference! I love zone conferences, it's so great to learn from President Jardine and to see other missionaries like Sister
Polatis, Sister Cundick, the Folsom sisters, and the Spanish sisters! 

love just being there just waiting to hear what President and Sister Jardine have to say and the APs and such. Our conference was about how to become master students by studying better and then that will help us become master teachers like the Savior was/is. 

I wish we had a zone conference like this at the beginning of my mission but I would trade any of them because all of them were exactly what I needed at that time. It was awesome! 

Sister Davis and I also had to give a mini training to our zone about asking questions and why that is so important. I also had to give my departing interview at zone conference! That was nice but all I heard coming out of my mouth was a bunch of jumbled up words and tears. 

My companion and a few others told me that is a really good one. But when I was thinking about it and I just hope that those that heard me know that I love the Lord, His work and have a firm testimony of the gospel.  President also shared a memory he had with me and at that point I just started crying. 

OH,  one last thing that totally made my week!

My bigittle brother, 
got his mission call to 
Carlsbad California!!!!!!! 
Our Dad, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa served in CA, I served here and now him!!!!! 

Sunday was just awesome because I was out of it just so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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