Wednesday, April 26, 2017

... EXCEPT Sister Hyde

Is week was quite eventful! We had MLC which was awesome it formed around the acronym of A.S.K, and being Spiritually prepared, bear testimony frequently, and leave bold and loving commitments. It was awesome!

At the meeting one Elder said "well the missionaries in our zone are roughly young except sister Hyde ..." everyone busted up laughing! Then President said "Sister Hyde that's ok I am older than you.." oh it was so funny!

The spirit was strong there too! I got to see some of my past companions for the last time. Sad but I know I will see hem again. We had Zone training and it took some time to prepare for it through out the week but when the time came it was awesome! The spirit was so strong and the missionaries who helped in the role plays were the best!

 I went on exchanges with sister Wilkins this week and we did a lot! We contacted this one lady who was married to this less active member and we asked if we could help her with anything. She looked at us and said not in his clothes so I said well we can go home change and come right back... she was surprise and said at would really help her so we did! She said that she felt she was one in a million for us devoting our efforts to her. So dirt, mud all over us but all was awesome!

Yay! We ate dinner with Jana and Dave this week and they went all out! It was super good! We were still on exchanges and so they had all four of us there. It was super fun! After dinner there was this youth dance festival and it was pretty cool! Some of our investigators enjoyed it and want their kids to participate in the youth program. Sister Kearl and Sister Wilkins went with us to that and we had a blast together! 

Sunday was awesome I cried so much but happy tears. At the end of the day I went on a team up with Sister Baird down in Folsom. I love her soooo much!!

That day though Sister Davis and I felt sick- upset stomach, migraines and dehydrated. So we asked the Tragesers if they had medicines and such. They were so nice they even called another member to come and give us blessings. 

I have loved serving the Lord here in Sacramento California.

I love my Heavenly Father soooo much! 

Thank you for all those who have supported me and have prayed for me and for those who I was teaching and helping. 

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