Monday, September 14, 2015

Malo e lelei, ko sisita Hyde eni, oku ke fefe hake? ( Hi, I am Sister Hyde, how are you?) I have to learn Tongan! I am in North Sacramento, assigned to the Tala ofa ward which is the ward that the Tongan and Samoan, etc members go to. The whole church service is in Tongan. I am loving it!!! 

My companion is Sister Lavea and she is amazing!! She is from New Zealand and she is 22. I love to her sing- she is an amazing singer.  

Mom, everyone- she is amazing the Lord really did know who I needed and where we both needed to be. There hasn't been sisters in this ward for a year!!  They nicknamed me (polani) I think that is how you spell it, it means white. Hahaha!

Oh I have to drive here because they won't let her drive because her licence is from another country and she said I want to work, I don't want to stand in line on the Lord's time. Love her sooo much!! And Californians drive crazy!! Anyway we have been out all day since I have been out here visiting members, part members, in actives, referrals etc.. tiring but good tired!!!

It is dry hot here but the car is a nice getaway when we have to drive to another house, but when we are talking or tracking... ohhh.. the highest has been 109?? I think and there was a fire so it has cooled off a lot- the other day it was only 89 and that was so nice. My bike from CTR is PINK!? Caught me off guard, had a laugh its a really good bike though. 

The other day we have been trying to see inactives and members and we weren't seeing them at all and I was a little disappointed,because I really wanted to see them and get to know them but any how we met Lanie and she is a inactive and moved her over a year ago and God really does use his missionaries because she really needed us and we have an appointment with her this week! Then we had another experience just like that but with Sani the next day and...

I just know for a fact that we are all children of God, who loves us sooo much. He wants us to be with him and to be happy. I know that this church is true and that we have a living prophet on the earth today. I know families can be together forever!
            Nof a ( goodbye),  Love Sister Hyde!!

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