Friday, September 4, 2015

Week One -- Learn'n Lots

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Missionary Training Center
Provo, Utah
Image result for image of missionary training center provo utah

Well,  sooo much has happened here and each day we do sooo much that I really don't know where to begin. All the days blend together.  I'll just share each day out of my journal

Day 1- My Companion is Sister Lillie and she is from Canada. She is 22 and works in a dental office. Love her accents especially when she says bag, name tag and instead of the bathroom/ restroom she calls it the wash room. So now that's what we call it. She is the oldest of the four sisters in our zone and I am the youngest. The other two sisters are Sister Rish and Sister Faussett. Both super cute. We taught an investigator today!! I need to be more humble but we nailed it! Zone leaders are awesome!!

Day2- I drank the orange juice and haven't gotten sick so it was pretty good. I learned today how I needed to be converted first before the investigator and the restoration a little bit more. Our teachers are Sister Spence and Brother Oliva ( Oleava) and the are great teachers. I am related to one of the elders by Dudley Leavitt he is Elder Claybook and he is from Tri-cities WA. Cool. I love study time!!

 Day 3 - Did I mention I love studies. I am able to learn so much and to I guess kept it all in. That is a blessing and the Spirit working. Got two more investigators and love them both! So we are invited to invite the investigator to be baptized on the first day and so that is what two elders did but the investigator was already baptized. Long story short they told us what happened  and Elder Holland is very dramatic about the whole thing and was like " then Elder Bird was like the sacrament, and that was so clutch" ,super funny and animated so I needed to go to the rest room. Oh, instead of calling people with out the gospel investigators we call them friends of the church and I really like that. 

Day4- I am so frustrated because in lessons were we have to role play I don't say anything although I have scriptures and stuff to say in my head I just don't say them!! Today has been soo long and frustrating. My companion and i have different teaching styles and she likes to talk in the lessons with the investigators but we are working it out and we love each other so it will be fine. Got to have a cinnamon role that was good.
Image result for image of missionary training center provo utah
Day 5-  Sunday!! My companion and I were made Sister Training leaders and we had a lot of meeting before we got to go to Sacrament and got a phone that just calls the front desk. I felt the spirit so much and I was able to see many more blessings that have been given to me, my companion, the other Elders and Sisters and just in general. It was nice not to have studies and just focus on the Savior and what he did for us and his life. I am starting to read the Saviors life in the Bible and my relationship with him has already started to grown so much! Taught a lesson on Baptism and the Holy Ghost- it went amazing and the discussion was just fabulous. I sang in the MTC Choir loved it!! It was amazing when the Elders started to sing. After the Sunday devotional, which was amazing and talked about the important of our purpose as a missionary, I saw the video Character of Christ from David A. Bednar and it was something! It is only available in the MTC ant it really changed me just by watching it. How the natural man inside us "turns in" while we need to " turn out" like the Savior did in times of tails like on the Cross when he thought about his mother. So I have been trying to do that and it is already working.

Day6- We did so much today and it feels like we did nothing. So we were eating lunch and the speaker comes on saying " Will Sister Shealyn Hyde and Sister Lillie come  to the front desk immedently" WHAT!! Everyone in the cafeteria went oohhh. Any way long story short cause i am running out of time we have a new companion - Sister Canann! She is amazing. I beat twenty elder missionaries in the basketball game revenge at the free throw line and the three point line!. I know be humble. The three investigators that we are teaching are amazing love them!
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Day7- We did service today and oh that was so nice- we cleaned the toilets in our building. I sung for Elder Oaks who came to the Tuesday devotional and is now over the all the missionaries. Himself and his wife talked about the Plan of Salvation and teaching tips loved it. 

Day8- Went to the Temple to day and I really needed that hope my Mission will allow us to go to the Sacramento Temple!
Image result for image of missionary training center provo utah
Provo Utah Temple
The Spirit is helping me so much and I truly am beginning to understand the importance of personal revelation and the Plan of Salvation. I know Families can live together forever and that our Savior died for us.

Love ya soo much! And miss ya. 


  1. She was unable to post any pictures for us... so the pictures are just generic online photos... just to give an idea of "where in the world is Sister Hyde"

  2. Your smile and personality are going to change the world. Good days or bad days don't let anyone take those from you. It's your gift.... Enjoy it all..