Monday, June 6, 2016

Prayers and Little Miracles

Today was so much fun!
We went to Coloma.
 It was a place where the gold rush was discovered and where the members of the Church of Latter Day Saints played a big role as well. 
If you visit a gold site you need to pan for gold. 
I didn't strike it rich but came a way with some flecks and other valubale mineral things! 
I love history 
and being outdoors. I want to go back because we didn't get to do a lot of things that was offered there because some things required us to go in the river but we cant go into the river as being missionaries and 
there were a lot of sites. 
Anyway it was a lot of fun!

This week was a good one.
It was a result of a lot of prayer from last week.
Last week, I had prayed really hard to Heavenly Father that I'd be able to see His hand in the work AND.....
this week I have been blessed to see my prayer answered -- 
So many people are being prepared by Him
 and I am witnessing little miracles! 

Guess what happened???!!!! 

We found three new investigators 
-- Jamie, Joe and Julie.   

Joe and Julie are the parents of a family. 
We knocked on their door and Joe said, 
"Wait.  I need to tell my wife that you are here." 
 And "WOW... you girls actually came! Do you need water? I"ll get you water..." 
We stood there in awe  -- BECAUSE THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO US!   
He came back with the waters, his wife came and then he started explaining 
that he has already been changing for the better 
but knows there is more to do and 
he needs to find the church that can help him to do so. 
Then Julie and he said that they really wanted to know what we had to say... 
they wanted to hear about our lessons and he his cousin could hear what we had to say too. 
They invited us over for dinner on Saturday -- but called it off at the last second because of family problems. 
BUT hey things happen and that's okay because they really want us back to talk more about the gospel!!

This week was really hot!
 It got up to 108 everyday most days it was higher.
 We tried to bike but no one was out 
so we rode in the car to 
visit potentials investigators and 
members that are going through hard times 
to share a up lifting message.
 I am actually starting to like the heat.
 Sister Cundick, 
is an amazing contacting a smart missionary.
 I am learning so much from her. 

HIGHLIGHT of this week ...

Spencer be baptized! 

A lot of members of the ward showed up for support. 
It was amazing! 
And then the lesson on baptism 
made it doubly amazing!   
Spencer shared his thoughts about how 
he felt about being baptized.
He truly is an amazing child of God. 
To top things off, 
we are going to start to teach his younger brother, Kolby. 

On Sunday night we invited 
Jobe and Jessie to be baptized.  
They said "YES!"
They have been taking the lessons with the sisters 
for a while
 and they were already invited to be baptized before
but had said that they would pray about it 
... that is kindof how things were left.

So, when we met with them, I just started asking them questions  -- just to get to know them.  
THEN surprisingly, I asked them 
what was holding them back from being baptized. 
Jobe replied and then we just talked about 
baptism, faith, repentance and the Holy Ghost. 
These boys are amazing!!

I can truly say, my confidence in myself has grown and 
my confidence in the Lord has too. 

Thank you 
for all those letters and emails.  
 I felt very loved this week.
I hope that you have a great week!! 

Sister Hyde

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