Tuesday, July 5, 2016

2nd Week in June

This week has been super busy, exhausting and fun! We did a lot of finding and talking to people on the streets sharing the hallelujah video and the earthly father Heavenly Father video. I love these two videos so much and it makes them really think about how much our Heavenly Father loves them and how much our Savior Jesus Christ has done for each of them. I love to see the light bulbs turn on and see them start to think of those things. We biked a lot this week and we did get some doors in our face but it was made up for those that wanted to hear our message that we want to share with them.  
Casualties of the Crusades

Sister Cundick and I had exchanges with our sister Training leaders and I left with Sister Thomson back to north sac.  Sister Cundick stayed here in our area with sister Stout. Before I get to the miracles that happened in our area I'll tell you some things that happened in North Sacramento. First I was in Spanish work and boy it is really hard to keep up with them when they speak. Right when I can kinda put together what they are saying they switch the conversation. But sister Thomson and I were able to teach Luara. I helped teach her before on my last exchange and it was really cool to see how much she progressed. And to see the amazing work of the lord and sister Thomson and sister Stout!  Then after that appt. we went to see this other lady. She was just amazed about how tall I was and my blue eyes. It was super funny! She then said that I would marry a little man so I can slap him around when he does something wrong. There I lost it and started to laugh. Shared a message about our Heavenly Father's love for her.  When I got back to my area sister Cundick and I only had a little time to proselyt so we went to an area that we haven't spent some time in a part of our area. So we went prayed about a specific
street to go tract and knock doors ... Three doors later we meet Eric ... He is very interesting but at the end we gave him a Book of Mormon and he committed to read and to pray of the truth of it. We go back this coming week to see if he has done it! Ok so for our area sister Cundick and sister Stout found 5 new investigators! Two of them even said yes to baptism!

I was able to meet one of the two who said yes to be baptized -- Michael,  and he really wants to be baptized
and meet with us! He really has that true desire! I am really excited!! We taught him a little bit more about the Book of Mormon and about baptism. Todd who is a fellow southerner and makes the best bbq!! His wife was a potential investigator and now they all want to know more. I was just amazed that they invented us for dinner.  

Also on Sunday we had to teach Gospel principles in the Anatolia Ward. We a taught about the gift of the Holy Ghost. Sister Cundick and I have been very bold in our teaching so we didn't sugar coat anything. At the end of the lesson I said a quote from one of the 12 apostles about how if we want to live with our Heavenly Father again then we need the gift of the Holy Ghost and strive to have it with us always. I thought the whole class were members but one of them wasn't ---. So at the end of church Enrique was waiting outside the Relief Society room and asked if we could set up a lesson for us to teach him the discussions. He wants to have the gift of the Holy Ghost all the time and inside my head and heart I was jumping and shouting for joy!!!!  

Today for pday we went shopping and this young man comes up to the cash  register and says - sisters I am going to pay for your groceries. ..... What! His name was Eric and he served his mission in Utah two years ago. We got to know him a little bit and then he asked if there was anyone that we were teaching that he could pray for. I love it when members are so nice to us and are awesome at missionary work. We have great Ward missionaries who do the same thing and even members who pray for those we teach and come I contact with.  

We also have old Sacramento town in our area so we went. It was so much fun.  Cute little stores and such. I love it. It is really cool when people look at us and say hi missionaries ! Now is the time for sports!!!

Horrah for Isreal!

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