Monday, July 25, 2016

Crazy HOT -- Kinda Long -- Good Week

This week has been a crazy hot, kinda long, good week.

One day we stopped at the church to sync and make a few calls so we can get out of the sunny 108 weather and just by luck, members showed to help clean the church so they let us in to cool down. And they even gave us this refresher drink thing to help us get better because we were dehydrated.

Another day, I really wanted to go out and do work but sister Baol was sick so I couldn't but we got permission for me to go out with another sister. So I was also able to go on a split with Hermana Scott. She is an amazing missionary! She covers a good bit of area for those who speak Spanish and the leaders let us go together. We have the same birthday and we were born in the same place - Mesa Arizona ...Kind a like a twin. It is always a fun time to go into Spanish work.

All of our appointments were cancelled this week and not going to lie ... it was sad.  BUT we still worked hard to find new people and get things done. 

We have been also releasing people of whom we are trying to teach too. It is always hard to let them go because we have this knowledge of the gospel and want them so badly to have the blessings that we have too. But we know that it is of the better to let them go for a while and let them think.

I know more about bikes than I have ever known. Last week it was my bike then this week it was Sister Baols bike. She was sick for a little so while she was resting, I fixed and readjusted her brakes and pumped tires, etc.. But all is well, all is well. Funny thing about our bikes --  this week... they almost got stollen... But everything is ok! We locked them up good. We just don't have bike lights any more so we are borrowing some till we get our own. I'm just happy that my bike is ok and sister Baols bike too of course!

We had interviews this week with President and Sister Jardine. I love them so much! Sister Jardine always asks us to share a scripture with her so I shared Doctrine and Covenants 128:22. My mom shared me this scripture ( with verses 23 and 24) in a letter she wrote me and I have been studying it. I really love this scripture sooo much because I am really in this great cause. Singing hosanna to his name and trying to share his love to all his children. There is so much more that I learned from that scripture  --  it would come really close to being a New York Times best seller  -- sooooo...after mission maybe.

We taught our recent convert Spencer -- The Gospel of Jesus Christ and after that he taught it to us. He is doing sooo great! Same with the other recent convert that we love too - Sheri, Kevin, Jeff and Lillye.  

Speaking of teaching,  Sister Baol and I really need ideas to teach sharing time in primary about temples this coming Sunday. So if you have any fun ideas please send them this way!!! We need help!

We had district meeting Thursday and we were commitment by our district leader to do this couples daily check- in every night with our companions. Sister Baol and I have fun doing that. Especially when she has been sick this week .... That bad American food... And helping her with the culture. She is amazing teacher and so friendly, I just love her so much! She always makes the things we teach at their level and personal. Right from week one, our teaching styles fit together and just us in general and now I can say that we really have a eternal friendship.  

Now this week is beginning and we have appointments so I am so excited!!  Wish us luck !  Hurrah for Israel!

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