Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Hi everyone!!
Well this week has been quite eventful week! And kind of a trail of my faith in a way. So last Monday normal preparation day right but as we went out to go find people to share the gospel to, I suddenly felt
really sick. We went home and planned for the next day. That night I didn't sleep at all and threw up. Tuesday I really even looked worse than Mr. Hyde. Or so my companion says.

I couldn't keep anything down. Except for some water and pedia-lite ....  I drank so much of that stuff, it's not even funny. I love the Terry's because they came over from the mission office around three that day to see how I was doing.  Sister Terry diagnosed me to have heat exhaustion going on to heat stroke. Elder Terry and Elder Rasmussen from the office came and gave me a blessing.  Felt so bad for Sister Baul because she has to stay in that day and the next. We had exchanges Thursday to Friday with our Sister Training leaders. I stayed in my areas with Sister Lalomanu came with me. She is so sweet,smart, fun and an amazing missionary!
Friday evening the Anatolia Ward had a talent show, so as missionaries we try to get involved with the ward, and we did exactly that. We made up our own rendition of "I HOPE THEY CALL ME ON A MISSION". It turned out ok. The ward is super funny.  

Then on Saturday we are going to go see our backups because our one appt. didn't show up and I got this rash with hives all over so I went to CVS got some cream and Benadryl and I was out. It went away in the morning but then it return Sunday night. I am so done with it but faith endures trails and a happy attitude too.

Sunday roles around and we were able to teach primary in Anatolia Ward about Temples. I love that Ward so much and Mather too! 
Sister Baol and I were also able to see and talk with President and Sister Jardine too. We both got to talk with them individualy. It's nice to receive some counsel to the areas that you are called serve in. And to receive counsel in general.   That Sunday we also got a new Ward mission leader for the Mather Ward- Brother Bahr. Can't wait to start working with him.

This week was a mess and I felt horrible to have not been able to go out and share the gospel to the areas were we served as much as I could. But the Lord knew that and that week our leaders helped in our area and found four new investigators for us! One of them wants to be baptized so much that she sought out the missionaries and wants the gospel in her home! Such a blessing the lord gave us.  In our times of weakness -- he knows us AND understands us. All we have to do is trust him, have a strong faith and desire to serve him and obey his will.

Today I read in Luke 1&2.  I just gained a more appreciation and admiration for Mary. She truly wanted her will and the Lord's will to be one. Right from the very beginning, before we all came to earth.  How incredible is it to know that our Heavenly Father knows our divine potential, and gifts to fulfill the role that He has given to us here on earth.

Hurrah for Israel --
Love Sister Hyde

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