Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Hi everyone !
It has been six weeks 
 and it's transfers.
 I got the call, 
Saturday evening, 
to serve in the 
Fair Oaks 3rd Ward and the a College Oak YSA! 
I will also be a Sister Training Leader 
with Sister Christoffersen!

 I am so nervous but I am excited to serve there!

Last Friday, Sister Baul and I had a lesson with Jobe and Jesse. Bishop Lewis and Sister Streeter were also there. We had Jesse say the opening prayer.   He really does have the desire to be baptized and follow our Savior.  We talked about how we need to make the efforts after faith and know that the Lord will help us do our best as we do the things that he has commanded us to do. Just like Joseph Smith and how he wanted to know what church to join and which one is true, so he took it upon himself to exercise the promise in James 1:5.Joseph received his answer because of his desire but also because he showed that desire to follow through with the answer he received.  We talked more about faith and felt impressed to extend the date of August 27th. When we closed the lesson having Jobe say the prayer and they were really going to ask their uncle for permission.
(minors have to ask permission for a minor from their guardian to be baptized).

 On Sunday, after church we spoke with Jesse 
and he said his uncle said ....
When we spoke with Sister Streeter, over the phone yesterday,  she said that it did happen. 
I am so excited that they are finally going to be baptized. 
It was the best goodbye are present ever.

Sacramento River -- PDay Hike

 Also,  on Sunday,  
we had FIVE investigators come to church! 

Micheal and his family, 

I had to give a talk on -- 
Why is the Book of Mormon important for us today.  
I thought I did a really good job but maybe...kinda pushy. 
P-Day Hike
But after Sacrament meeting they said that it was really good and that they do need to share it more with others. 
I explained how we learn of the why and how to repent, learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ -- the Atonement, faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. 
What made it nice too was that 
Terry said that she really wants to read it now! 
I started to cry. 

will miss Mather and Anatolia dearly. 
I had a lot of good experiences  with my companions! 
I am going to miss with Sister Baul --- 
we are going to be eternal friends!  
I just know it! 
Also our apartment with the Hermanas! 

I will miss those I served with in Rancho Cordova Stake 
and everyone I was able to meet!
I will miss all of these wonderful people and many more!

Hurray for Israel!
Sister Hyde

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