Tuesday, August 9, 2016


This week was full of firsts and of miracles!!

On Tuesday, some members took us out for lunch to a Japanese food restaurant. 
I had sushi....... I do not think I will eat that again but, the rest of the food was good.  I also tried squid and it was actually really good!

We had a referral appointment in Anatolia on Thursday.  It turned out to be a husband to a less active recent convert house. Robert,  didn't even tell Tomika(his wife).  So when we came it completely surprise her and Robert had a huge smile on his face. Robert was trying to be funny near the beginning but toward the end he changed and the sprint was strong. When those that haven't felt the spirit in such a strong way they try to put it off sometimes, with Robert he tried to be funny again but soon got really quiet. We taught about the spirit and the roles it can play in our lives. Tomika bore her testimony of it and when Robert heard it... You could tell it touch his heart. We taught to them restoration and they loved it. We made a return appointment for next week can't wait!

The next miracle was in Mather on Friday and it went amazing! We had a referral appointment again and this one was amazing! Originally it was for these two girls but they were expecting the elders. They were all giddy up and everything. Their younger brother though came and sat on the lesson. We still gave message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and when we started to talk about Baptism and the Holy Ghost and how they need to be performed or given by the Priesthood. The girls weren't really interested but their brother is!  Muhamed started asking all these questions about the priesthood and the Holy Ghost. He said I was going to be baptized in another church this Sunday but now knowing that. I want to make sure I get baptized by someone holding that authority. That comment allowed one of his sisters to pay more attention. He asked if we have that authority in our church and we said yes. He said that he will be out of town this weekend but when is the next service? Every Sunday at 9 was our response. He said that he is going. 

When we got out of our appt. with him, I started to think - what just happened? Before we even got out of the car and went to speak with them we prayed to see a miracle and see the lords hand work at this appt.. Our prayer was answered! One thing that I learned is that, if you have true desires and know/ promise that you will do whatever it takes for your prayer to be answered then He will answer it even more! He loves all His children sooo much. Miracles like that allow me to see more of a glimpse of the grand picture!

We taught gospel principles in Mather Ward-- about the Fall of Adam and Eve. It went really well for knowing we had three seconds to prepare. While we were teaching I just got the thought that it really did have to happen so that we can have joy! 
I love that word --  Joy!!!

We also were able to talk to President and Sister Jardine for a little bit before President blessed our apartment. During this blessing I felt the spirit so much. It only makes sense that the place were we prepare to help and serve people should be a blessed place where the Spirit can come.

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