Thursday, September 1, 2016

It's an EVERYDAY thing...

This week was super busy and really really nice.  Tuesday we had a four hour training on the use of Facebook & iPads on the mission. We are one of the 15 missions picked to relaunch this in the mission field. What a blessing 
and a big responsibility! 
Just by watching the training videos 
and hearing from President Jardine, 
I see so many great possibilities!  
One of them is to be in contact every day with our investigators. 

On Wednesday we had 
back to back appointments.!  
One of the longest days in my life! 

On Thursdaywe went to the temple, 
here in Sacramento! 
It is so beautiful!  
Ron and Justin- (both investigators) with 
Aron and Zach (who are new-members) came as well. 
Elder Terry gave them a tour and it was amazing!  
We were all able 
to sit in the waiting room
INSIDE the temple! 

Of all the places in the world  -- the place 
where you can feel 
the most love from our Heavenly Father 
and a feeling of peace -- is at the temple!

We started reading the Book of Mormon with Zach C.,  from the beginning.   
I love reading the Book of Mormon! 
Each time I read it I find new things and always a sense of peace. 

I like how Nephi told us ~~ as we read this book 
we will see many tender mercies from the Lord. 
Then Moroni, who was the last Nephite prophet,  said, 
 remember the tender mercies that the Lord gave these people.
Super cool how the first and last prophet, 
who had a lot of reasons to complain,  didn't ~~
 and recorded that the Lord gives us tender mercies all the time, 
we just can't or haven't see them. 
I love the example they gave me ~~
They were able to recognize the tender mercies so often that 
when they went through trails  -- they never doubted their faith.

We were teaching Aron -- The Gospel of Jesus Christ,
 for his new member lessons.  
When we got to enduring to the end, we taught ... 
Read your scriptures, obey the commandments, pray often, go to church. 
As my companion was teaching, I got an impression -- 
 enduring to the end is more than just that...   
it is every day we are alive  -- relying on the atonement 
for strength to conquer our trails and the strength to repent. 
Enduring to the end ~~ is doing all we can 
every day
to be like our Savior
As these impressions filled my mind and heart, my mouth started to move and I was sharing the thoughts -- things I didn't realize before,
 but by the end of our lesson -- I did!  The light bulb came on. 
I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost!  

One of the best things 

this week was to see 
Ron get Baptized!! 
He was nervous but excited. 
He is awesome! 
Then on Sundayhe was confirmed a member of
The Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter- Day Saints 
and received 
the gift of the Holy Ghost. 
He sat by us and said that 
he feels amazing and 
knows that his new life is just beginning 
  on the right path.  

Hey, everyone, I need to say that even though I am on Facebook now, 
I need your help to stay focused on
 my purpose as a missionary 
which is to invite others 
to come unto Christ 
by receiving the restored gospel by having faith in Jesus Christ,
 repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost 
and enduring to the end. 

I love all of you all. 

Hope you have a great week!  Hurrah for Israel!

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