Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What takes 20 minutes, 2 recent converts and 6 missionaries?

Hi everyone!! 
It has been six week already! 
Time really does fly by! 

My companion Sister Christoffersen, 
is going home this Saturday.  
We had a lot of 
fun fun fun fun fun 
times together. 
I am going to miss her so much! 

So, missionaries have all of these really weird terms. When you have one transfer or six weeks left on your mission you are dying. The companion that is with you those last six weeks is "killing" them. I am " killing" Sister Christoffersen... with a nerf bullet gun, foam sword, fake snake and the best of all --  death by chocolate cake. 

Two of my old companions are going home as well-Sister Christensen and Sister Erickson! 

I hope they all do well with their new life!
Love them oh so very much!


This week was really busy with teaching those who haven't come to church in a long time and our recent converts! Some of them are doing really well. Aron got Sunday's off so now he can go to all three hours of church. Ron is going to get the priesthood really so he can go to the temple, Bryce has decided to go on a mission, Greg is such a wonderful little kid who loves sharing about the story of Jospeh Smith and the first vision. Greg's older brother Skylar wants to be baptized too -- He even bore his testimony two weeks ago saying... "I am so glad that God kept me on his earth for ten years with my family". His is a really funny ten year old boy. Maria is still in the hospital but is doing a great great of reading the Book of Mormon every day and understanding it. I hope she gets out soon! 

We weren't able to meet with a lot of people over these past couple of weeks because of last minute vacations before school starts, then school starting and sports. 
BUT this week we were able to see a lot of them by just 
"happening to stop by" 
which normally doesn't work out that well or that much. 
So, those were small miracles throughout the week.

got baptized 
confirmelast weekend. 
HE had one of the 
biggest smiles in the whole room.
The missionaries from the Roseville mission got permission to come and baptize him. 

It was a really great baptism except that after everyone went home we have to drain the font and we couldn't find a way to unplug it EXCEPT for someone to actually go into the full font and pull it out. 

So how many missionaries does it take 
to pull the plug of a baptismal font?... 
... about six missionaries, 
two recent converts and twenty minutes

Oh! so there are questions about the whole thing of being a Facebook missionary. It just means that as missionaries we are now allowed / privileged to use Facebook as a tool to be in contact with our investigators. Either by messaging them, sharing special events, uplifting posts and etc. it also allows us to be in better contact with the wards we serve. And a great way for us to keep in contact with that we meet on the street. I don't get to look through the news feed or like anything because that is not my purpose with that tool. It is an amazing thing we get to do to strength those around us and those we teach. 

So, Sister Christoffersen and I,  get teased a lot about road kill ---since we are both from the South. I am very sad to tell that I killed a duck, possum and almost a squirrel this week. But the car wash today took care of that. 

We had a great zone activity today playing queen of the court volleyball. I was on a team with Elder Jenkins and Elder Kenning. We were pretty good -- not going to lie. It was so much fun. 

Note to everyone: don't do that jelly bean weird flavor game... barf, skunk and dead fish are nasty.

I also saw a dinosaur this week at the Del Campo talent show.  It laid its head on my shoulder and I freaked out! I hopped over the chair and booked it for the door. The members said that was the funniest reaction ever. 
I don't like dinosaurs. 
Sorry Leavitt. 

Hope you all are having a great day and week! 
Thanks for those who emailed me! 
Love you all! ~~Sister Hyde

Oh, I got to see Sister Tupou at Jumbo Juice!! 

 It has been six months since I saw her!

Hurrah for Isreal!

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