Saturday, September 17, 2016

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody

This week has been crazy!! In a good way! We had prep for zone conference, zone conference, exchanges with the Northridge sisters (Sister Beck and Sister Hudson) , recent converts that have decided to serve missionaries, baptism coming up this week for DeShaun, bike tire that totally popped off, and trying to prepare a talk for the YSA Ward for Sunday. I really don't now where to begin.

First - we wanted to start biking because we need to talk to more people and save miles since we only have 900 miles this transfer and we are going to cut it short. Sister Christoffersen's tire was flat so went home to pump it up. Thirty minutes later my chain comes off- my fault put it in the wrong gear. Then knocked on a few peoples doors
then we turn on the road and POP! My back bike tire blew. So we walked home put it on the back of our car and the elders fixed it that night while we prepped our training for zone conference.

Zone conference was amazing !! It focus on the Worth of Souls. D&C 18:10.  It was amazing ! I loved it! We all have the capacities and the blessing to become like our Heavenly Father. He sees our worth and gives us opportunities for it each day. It is our choice to make the right decisions that bring us closer to be like him. So for a missionary view we have the opportunity to help others make those choices to become like him. To literally become like him!!  I already knew this but for some reason the light bulb grew a lot brighter as President Jardine, spoke more on the subject. My heart was burning with fire from the spirit. I learned so much more but so little time!  Can't share it all. Sorry!  I really like this and I wanted to share it with the YSA so I spoke on that for my talk during sacrament meeting. I think I did a o.k. job.
Ron is going to receive the Aaronic priesthood next Sunday! He is so excited because he really wanted to go to the temple for his dad!  Then another recent convert says that he knows what to do for his sacrifice- to serve a mission! What!! It was awesome when he said that. We are really looking forward to DeShaun's baptism this Saturday! He is awesome !!

We had a great zone activity today with scripture mastery and it was sooo much fun.

Weather is getting colder... That's nice!

This transfer has gone by so fast

I love fancy grilled cheeses now.. My companion is really good at that.

Learned not to mess around with the chicken's at Village Park.

Found this cool story.  I used it in my talk about how we can't expect 
that someone else will do missionary work...

Hurrah for Israel!

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