Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Harvesting, TriPANs and Transfers

This week was so busy and we worked a lot  -- when the day is done we get home quickly plan for the next day --  I wash my face -- say my prayer and 
 I am asleep before I hit the sheets

SOOOO, our group of missionaries who are inthe Sacramento - Ranch Cordova Zone --  made a goal to help 6 people to be baptized in the month of June. 
We fast and prayed for each and every person that we believed were ready for baptism and we prayed that they would have the chance to experience the  miracle of being baptized. 
Ready to HARVEST

.... WE MADE THAT GOAL !!!!!

Six amazing people came to the waters of baptism! 

am so proud and feel blessed to have served 
with those missionaries!  
Our Stake Leader that has the authority to lead over the Rancho Cordova part of Sacramento provided dinner for the zone to show his appreciation. I thought that, that was really nice of him. We were able to also discuss about some of the things that Elder and Sister Lawerence talked to us about last week. 

I also showed up wear the exact same skirt that two other sisters were wearing too. Funny huh?

I was in a tri- pan this week. Sister Christensen was with us and it was a lot of fun. We we talked to a lot of people. But in lessons it was a little weird to juggle or balance it because we had an extra person to help teach to but by the end we did alright.

We are beginning to teach this wonderful girl,  Lilly, the rest of her new member lessons. She has such a strong testimony of the gospel. She is going to come out with us next week since she is sixteen now and wants to serve a mission. She is a great example to me.

We extended a date for Michael to be baptized on the 30th of July. I
am really excited for him! He has gone through a lot and is making
great progress!

Happy Forth of July!! 
I got to see some fireworks as we were driving home! 
That was nice!

We had Transfers!! My last companion - Sister Cundick got a call to train a new missionary so now she is in ElDorado Hills and I bet is doing a great job there. Now my new companion is Sister Baul!

She is the cutest greatest little thing! She is 21 
and very 
She is from the Phillipians and you all should meet her. 

I know that we are going to have tons of fun here serving in the Anatolia and Mather wards. 

A lot of our leadership in both words are gone because it is the forth of July week and vacationing so I feel bad that she hasn't met them yet. They are great people. For the forth of July we had to be in a meeting at seven to nine to make sure we all are safe. And the meeting was amazing ! 

There are a lot of new faces to the zone and new missionaries too. The Lord is preparing more and more amazing missionaries.  

Hope that everyone had a great weekend!

Love you all !

Horrah for Isreal!!!!

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