Monday, July 11, 2016

It's An Art...

Hi everyone! 

Hope you all had a great week. 

Everyone here is either on vacation or in the air conditioned house. 
 It makes contacting hard because no one is out side. 
But we came up with an alternative and now we've got it down to the art -- 
 we go biking around seven at night --- 
usually everyone is outside doing something -- 
so we can go contacting and it can be effective.

We found two new investigators 
in the Anatolia Ward ! 
I am so excited -- because it is 
really hard to find them in that area. 
It happened with the help of the missionaries I served with. 
We all worked in my area for a few hours and it helped us a lot. 
It was also fun! 

Did I mention, Sister Baol 
is an amazing missionary! 
We had to last minute teach in the 
Mather Ward for Sunday School 
about our Heavenly Family. 
She is such a pro! 
We also taught a little bit to the Young Women about ordinances 
and how we explain them to our investigators. 
had to teach on the fourth section in Doctrine and Covenants.  I thought it went well. 
It helped that we recite that section every week.

We met a lady named Rachel this week. 
She was really busy but she accepted our information and set an appointment with her. 
We went back later that week and let's say her kids are crazy! 
So we set another time to meet.  
She felt so bad but she looked so relieved and grateful 
when we said we can come back another time 
and that we understood.  

Jobe and Jesse came to church! 
They looked really nice with their big happy smiles --  in their white shirts and ties.   
Jesse and I even made a handshake. 

One of the greatest things that happened this week 
was when I got to go see Kirk (my former investigator) get baptized!!! 
The look of him after he came out of the water --
 reminded me more of why I am serving a mission 
 When he came out his face showed that he felt happy, and clean! 
It is a great memory!!

 Love you!!

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