Monday, October 3, 2016


This week has been crazy!!
Sister Munk and I have going to non stop appts!
I love it!
We are going to have a even crazier week this week!
We have two exchanges, meetings, finding people, following up with our investigators and helping them toward baptism!

Justin said that he really wants to be baptism not soon but pretty soon. I don't really know the difference except he said that he really wants the gift of the Holy Ghost! Then Zach said that he wants to be baptized with in the next three months! That made me want to cry because for a while we weren't able to have contact with him and then he said that. He also made goals to read the scriptures everyday and to pray everyday and he has been doing that! He can see a difference and so can we! I love it when I get to see others grow in he gospel and see the rewards / blessings it has in store for them! Got to see Ron and he is doing awesome, already going home teaching and watching general conference .... my joy meter almost, no, it tipped over this week. Aron watched the last session of conference with us and Deshaun are doing great too! We have a couple of people that we are working with and they are doing great! 

General Conference was this weekend and I loved it how my favorite word got its own talk and it made special appearances in all the other talks in the Sunday sessions! 
I loved it how they talked about how we can receive joy, 
what joy can do for you, 
how you can give joy to others. 
I left my notes at home but the summary of what I can remember is. 
-The Gospel is true, don't doubt your testimony and faith in it. No matter what. 
-Sometimes we doubt but when we pray to our Heavenly Father we can know for certain the gospel truths, principals, doctrine etc.. 
Just Pray
- have JOY!!! 
- Love your family and look out for them
- The Plan of Salvation is a wonderful thing to know, so share it. It make me happy so I know it will make others happy
- Now is the time to work to together no matter what calling you have in the church to spread happiness around the world and don't give up! 
I loved General Conference soooo much!!!

Sunday: it RAINED ..... 
I am soooo happy! 
Sister Teague told me " You know when the saints meet the heaven weep" - 
I thought that was kinda cute.

It is also really overcast and in the 60's here so I'm loving it. 
I love my companion! Sister Munk is one of the cutest, sweetest people I've met! 
We have a lot in common and I know that this transfer is going to be fun! 
One funny hung that happened this week was when we wanted to heart attack the Northridge sisters apartment but has we were getting ready they rode up by the car and sister Munk tried to tell me but sounds just came out of her mouth as she pointed to my window. I look out and Sister Beck's face is rig there. It scared my a ton that I screamed which then made Sister Munk scream then which made us all laugh.
So much for being secret agents. 
Hope you all the best and love you all.

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