Monday, October 24, 2016

Miracles Are Unfolding

This week has been one of the busiest and craziest weeks in my mission!
Because miracles are unfolding! 
I am sooooooooo excited! 

First things first ... we received a referral for a girl name Samantha . 
We called her and set up a appointment  to teach the Restoration of the Gospel. She loved it and was open to hear more so we set up another appointment the next day and brought an awesome member- Shivani. 
There we taught the Plan of Salvation. 
She loved it even more! 
We invited her to be baptized and she said Yes!! 
We went home that night and prayed for the right date for her and she also prayed. 
Two days later we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and extended the date of 12 of November
The biggest smile came on her face and she said,  "Absolutely!!"
 I love this girl!
The next night she went to a YSA activity with the YSA girls in the Ward and had a blast.
 On Sunday we were welcoming people in and Samantha comes up talking to all the girls with such great light 
  --  ready to hear the talks and take the sacrament! 
I loved sitting next to her and hearing her try to sing the church hymns (since they were unfamiliar)  
She really truly has a desire to grow her relationship with Christ! 

Next thing, Skylar,  who is the brother of our recent convert Gregory, wants to be baptized.  So we taught him and he had his baptismal interview yesterday and he passed. 
He came out and said " I am so ready to be baptized" he is only 10 and to hear that form him warmed my heart. Made me think of my little sister, Cindyann, who got baptized in July! 

We also went on two exchanges this week. 
The first one was with Sister Clemens and Sister Kaufusi. 
Sister Clemens came here with me and 
she is one of the sweetest girls I know. 
She is very quiet and sweet.
 I had a blast with her! 

Then I went on exchanges again Friday and Saturday with 
Sister McDonald, who came to my area again. 
We had a blast because we are so alike but also because we had to bike everywhere  in a two day rain storm! 
Is was so much fun
 and surprisingly we met people on the street 
that actually wanted to talk to us. 
It rained so much that my watch broke,
 so I am now just wearing my watch tan. 
I love the rain!!
 And it is getting colder -- so that is real nice! 

On Sunday, Ron got a calling and he passed the sacrament!
He did such a great job! 
Sister Munk and I were so proud! 

Just with all these miracles that Sister Munk and I have been receiving we really are being blessed from the Lord!  I love Him so much!! 

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