Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Guess What Kind Of Week I Had?..... CRAZY...that's right!

This week has flown by so quick and fast I really don't know where it went. 
Maybe it snuck off with October because it is going by so fast too! 
Transfer calls are in two weeks and Sister Munk and I are amazed! 

We have had a crazy week with two team ups which were fun and awesome.
I went with Sister Kaufusi, for the first one and it was nice to talk with her see how she is doing. 
She has grown so much! Love her! 

Then I went with Sister Davis! I have served around her but never really got to know her.
So for two hours we had a blast. She is amazing missionary who loves the gospel and is hilarious!
I can't wait to serve with her again! Forgot to take pictures with them. Sorry!

Carmicheal Zone

Biking doesn't end well sometimes.... clumsy me... :)

We have done a lot of biking this week.
 I biked before -- in my old areas --  but this place it so hilly. 
Sometimes, I look up at these things and say "Wow! Another Mount Everest!" 
I'll look back at Sister Munk and just laugh! 
We have fun -- once we reach the top and go down the thing. 
I really ... "believe I can fly."

We did service for the Fair Oaks library! 
Marking book, packing books, moving books 
and had a grand time 
with a few older ladies from Germany, who worked there.
I loved hearing them tease each other and making funny jokes. 
They got a kick every time I said "Yes ma'am." 

Samantha is doing amazing! She is progressing so fast in the Gospel! 
She is reading the Book of Mormon and praying every night.
She loves to tell us what her favorite scriptures as she reads. I love her. 
We got to sing with her in the YSA choir in sacrament meeting. 
Just to sing with her and my companion - Sister Munk, made me so happy --
and confirmed that we will always be friends. 
We created an event for her baptism on Facebook and she is already inviting people to it.
She is so excited.
The members are helping her too. 
We are going to have a lesson with her tonight ! So excited! 

Skylar is going to be baptized this Saturday! All of us are so happy for him! 

This week I studied a lot about prayer and how to receive answers to prayers, how we feel when we are touched by the Holy Ghost etc ... Mostly, I am doing it for those we are teaching but as I have been studying -- 
I have learned so much. 
There is a prayer activity in Preach My Gospel that I love doing, but I never been hit as hard 
with a light bulb moment
than yesterday when I was listening to Bishop Hernandez teach the Relief Society about prayer. 
Song cue.... "For the Beauty Of the Earth..."
He said,  "When you pray, imagine our Savior Jesus Christ
kneeling down right beside you or standing right beside you."
Just since yesterday  -- I have had so much more of a desire to pray all the time with real intent. 
  I can already tell a difference and more peace.  
I cannot begin to tell you how much love and gratitude I have for my Heavenly Father and my Savior. 

Oh! We watched the face to face event with Studio C. 
It is amazing and I encourage all of you to watch it! I learned a ton! 

Pumpkin time! 
We are all getting ready 
for Halloween!
 Sister Munk and I 
carved pumpkins 🎃 today! 
That was fun!! 

I am going to roast the seeds! Yummm.....

Caught my pet lizard ... his name has Ralph

Thanks everyone for commenting on my Facebook posts. It means a lot! 
Don't forget that you can be a missionary on social media too! I have a lot of fun doing it! 

Hope you all have a great week and wish you all the best!

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