Sunday, December 18, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I love Sister Munk so much! 

We went to go see Sister Clemens and
Sister Kaufusi this week. Sister Clemens birthday is today so we sang her some songs that we remember from primary.  Sister Munk and I love them so much.

We did a team- up with
 Sister Beck and Sister McDonald. 

I went with Sister Beck and had an amazing miracle.! Her name is Lacey. 
Sister Beck is an amazing missionary!! 
So is Sister McDonald!!

Skylar was able to be baptized and confirmed last weekend. More of his family came and it made Sister Munk and I really happy!!  Bishop Sprague baptized him. Sister Munk and I did the missionary moment. It was really good, I think. The Ward loves him and his family, they are a great support for them. Love the Harris family so much!

Samantha is so solid. She has been prepared for a long time and the Lord is really doing the work with her for us. We have just been blessed to be their with her. Our last lesson with her was about temples, eternal marriage and  family history. She loved how she can do the work for her ancestors so she can have a eternal family before present and in the future! We plan to go to the temple with her this weekend. She is so engaged at church and church activities. We found out that she is moving to Colorado in January but wants to know the church information so when she gets there she can go to church and the activities.

We are in finding mode in our areas. So that means biking! I love to bike because we can talk to more people and just to be outside is awesome! It's is getting colder and sometimes it hurts to breathe when we have to bike hard up all these hills and such. Sister Munk and I have some plans for that. 

We also have tons of plans for Facebook. We love this tool that the Lord has given us. Thank you to you all who comment. It helps those that we are teaching and it helps me. If you all have any ideas let me know!

I have studied the topic of Happiness this week and it really means our effort to live with God and trust in him. 
As well was coming to use the Atonement in our lives and becoming like our Savior. I have learned that if we want to be happy- immerse yourself in coming to know of our Savior and in His Gospel. Preach My Gospel has an activity where you can see what attribute of Christ you can work on. 

We had to throw our pumpkins away because they had this white, gray and black fuzz on them.
Mine was rotting too so we threw them away. 
We made Carmel apples today for zone activity! They were good!

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