Sunday, December 18, 2016

Thanksgiving and LIGHT THE WORLD

Hi everyone! 

Happy Thanksgiving !! 
Hope it was nice for all of you this year! 

This week has been very interesting! To start off ...  

Sister Munk and I had exchanges with the Northridge sisters. Sister Kirby came here and we had tons of fun! 
We didn't get to talk with very many people until, the very end. We went inside this one apartment complex and tried to find some potential investigators but none answered and some didn't even exist. We had one last person - His name was Carlos but he was moving to Los Angeles. He welcomed our message about how families can be together forever. He said that that was a comforting thing to know since his son died a few months back. We gave him a Book of Mormon and a card to so he could find the missionaries down there. We asked if there was anyone else we could share this message with and he directed us to his neighbors, Linda and Jimmy. 

We then knocked on Linda's door. She let us in and we had a really good discussion of the restoration! 
She asked really good question and I felt the spirit. She then pulled out her notebook and said that she would like to share us something too. She started to read this vision she received last week about the election and who is going to win, natural disasters that we need to be ready for and how she needs to stay true to God. She then said.. I don't know girls, but if God gave me that sign.. then I am not going to leave my church. I know that your Church has already said a few of these things already and so on but I will not change and I will not read that Book of Mormon. We bore our testimonies of our Saviors love for her and everyone and a few other things. 
We said a prayer with her then went on our way. 

We then did service for Project Linus with the girls from 
College Oak YSA Ward.  
It was fun to make the blankets for these kids and to get to know these girls who we serve. 

The next day, we met this guy named Matt.  He pretty much is going through a Alma the Younger experience
We shared with him Alma's story and he related to it so well. We got his contact info and we will see home this week!! I am so excited! He just needs to know how much 
happiness and joy we can receive from the gospel and our savior!

The day before Thanksgiving, Sister Munk got food poisoning -- so we had to stay in.  

We went out Thanksgiving Day to a senior residence home and spent time hearing their stories and sharing laughs! We had dinner at 2 with the Carmichael Ward Relief Society. They're family was so nice to have us over. 

We gave a zone training on the new Christmas initiative! We made a turkey has had the missionaries write down what they are grateful for. 

The next day Sister Munk didn't feel well, again, so we went home. 
We stayed in for the rest of the day and the next as well.
 It is no fun being sick as a missionary!   I feel so bad for her. 
 The Gunns, the mission doctor and his wife, brought us dinner that night. 

It was so nice of them Sunday came around! And oh how I love church! 
It truly helps me feel better and get ready for he next week.  
I had to get up in the Fair Oaks 3rd Ward and introduce the new Christmas initiative! 

I love the video and the calendar of letting us become more like our Savior this Christmas! 
I encourage you all to go to and check it out! It is awesome!


 A lot of our recent converts came to church today and it made my day! 
They are all doing well! Holidays make it tough to see everyone! 

Samantha is doing great! 
She shared her testimony and her conversion story in Relief society and I started to cry! 

The Lord loves us so much! What more can we do for him to tell him Thank You!!

Hope ya'alls week has been awesome! 

Love ya lots, Happy Holiday and Light the World!

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