Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jesus + Others +Yourself = JOY

This week was an eventful one! 
I loved it!

On Pday,  we had a Zone activity.  We played volleyball with most of the zone! It was tons of fun! Sister McDonald played with one arm and was doing really good.  At least I thought she was until she punched the ball in my face on accident. It was one of the funniest things ever! 
My face felt like it just came out of the dentist office and 
they gave me too much numb medicine. 
Although, my head felt awful for the rest of the day and the next day. 

Later the evening, we went to go to YSA Family Home Evening and there we received a miracle! Almost two months ago we met this awesome guy Carlos! Then something happened and he stopped meeting with us. It was really sad, but the miracle came from the Northridge sisters telling us that he wants to meet with us --  we read and shared the whole restoration lesson. AND he wants to be BAPTIZED!!!!!!! 
It was such an awesome  miracle! 

On Wednesday one of my old companions Sister Erickson came to visit us sisters for a short while! It was nice to see her and see how she is doing! We went to Cafe Rio and it was pretty good with her and man! Miss her tons! We had a good time then went to go find some more people! Love finding! Not a lot of people opened their doors but the people on the sidewalk. 

We had an amazing district meeting. So for our zone training that we gave two weeks ago we talked about joy being in every aspect in our lives and the different ways we can be joyous. Elder Calvert broke it down even more! It was awesome. Those times we we felt happy and so on. We felt those moments when we first focused our thoughts and actions on Christ! And at is so true! 
I felt joy before my mission but I have recognized at I have felt more joy on a consistent basis here on my mission. Just trying do what he has done 24/7 has really blessed me. Then we see that we feel joy of the happiness of others. We thought about those joyous times we saw our investigators progress and learn more in the Gospel. 
Then it comes to ourselves. 
When someone has done something for us and when we just feel happy! 
And with all that we become humble to feel that joy! 

Jesus + Others +Yourself  = JOY  

Later that night we had a lesson with Carlos! We had a really good How to Begin Teaching lesson and also about reading the scriptures, prayer and desire to be baptized! He excepted the invitation to be baptized! The lesson was amazing. He is reading the Book of Mormon and loves it! That was one Joy moment right there !

Friday we became a trio because Sister McDonald's companion finished her mission so she came with us and it was awesome! 
We went to the Sacramento live nativity -- Right by the temple -- with Sister McDonald's investigators! They loved it and I did too! I loved when they read something from President Monson's talk about let us become like the sheperds and the wise men -- coming to praise our savior everyday  -- especially this Christmas season! 

We went to a baptism and Carlos was able to come! 
He loved it and was able to relate himself to Larry who was the one who was baptized! We had a lesson after the baptism where some members were able to join us! We shared what he needed to hear at that moment! 

Saturday night I got my transfer call! 
I am going to the Rescue Ward in El Dorado Stake 
and my companion will be Sister Davis! I am sooo excited. 

So, Sunday, I said my goodbyes to everyone. One of the best things that happened that day would be that when we went to the Northridge Ward.   One of the investigators who was there, turned out to be a guy named Bill. Bill was the same guy Sister McDonald and I met in the pouring rain one day on exchanges. When we spoke with him, he told me about the day we met him -- He said he had intended to end his life that day -- but decided not to when we were talking to him.  When Sister McDonald said that God loves him -- At that moment his heart softened.  Now he is going to church and taking the missionary lessons. We had a lesson with him Sunday and he has changed so much. He said that he didn't want to talk to us that day and was going to blow us off but 
he is glad he didn't because now he is so happy! 
I broke in tears knowing that God placed him in that moment in his life for us to be there and have the Holy Ghost touch his heart! 

I know this was a long email, but I am so happy -- 
all the miracles and 
changes that this week has brought! 

Have a joyous week! 

Oh .....
and we saw Santa!

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