Sunday, December 18, 2016

Can't Hardly Even Begin ... tell you how happy I am.

This week has been super busy and awesome!   

We had MLC Tuesday and it was amazing!  We talked about how to use our simplified planning guidelines more and it was so good!! After learning about simplifying -- we went into setting our goals for December. President Jardine, switched the idea of setting goals to setting a standard of excellence. I love this new way!  We all have to try our best in our companionship goals to help the whole mission!  They talked about my favorite word --  JOY. I have been learning about joy so much and it can come in any aspect of our lives and in missionary work!

Sister Munk and I had a exchange with the Eastern Ave and Ashton Park sisters! Sister Turner came here with me and we had the an awesome time. She is so bubbly and a great missionary! Learned tons form her.  We went to go teach Ron about preparing during the week for sacrament meeting. We had things planned and such but really we just went by the Spirit! And it was the bomb! The spirit was so strong and he got it. It was nice to see him at church.

We also went on team ups with the Northridge sisters. I went with Sister McDonald to their appt. We taught this amazing women about the commandments and enduring to the end. I love sister McDonald so much ... she awesome is smiling and laughing. She makes everyone feel good.

We had zone training and after preparation it was awesome! We trained on joy, and simplified planning guidelines. We did some awesome role plays for it and ... it went awesome! 

We got to hear Sister Kirby bear her final testimony before she leaves for home.
 She was a amazing missionary and an amazing person!

After working with Samantha we had nothing! No one wanted to listen, 
biking wasn't getting us any where and a bunch of other stuff. 

So... we had a blitz with our zone and found Tom! 
He is ready to build his relationship with God! 
We made an appt with him Wednesday! 
Can't wait! 

Then the elders found us a solid potential! 

The next day we decided to call some of our "formers" in our area book and ..... Robin answered, we explained who we are, and she oh good, I was really thinking about be baptized and continuing my path towards god. She made an appt with on today at six! Pray that it will go well and that the spirit will be soooooo strong!

Christmas finally came around our house! 
We put lights in our bedroom and in our study room! 
A member gave us a little Christmas tree so one day at lunch hour we put it together! 
I love Christmas!

We started the 25 ways over 25 days AND OH.... 
I love it so much! 
It is amazing to have the opportunity to be constantly thinking about our Savior 
when you are seeking for opportunities to serve people in more of a specific way that day!
I also loved the Christmas devotional!
What a wonderful time of the year to be joyful and and celebrate our Savior's birth! 
I love 2 Nephi 18:6. It reminds me of the Handle's Messiah. He truly is wonderful, wonderful to me!

Transfer calls is this Saturday! 
Sister Munk and I already know what most likely will happen but we will see Saturday!
 That means Pday is next Tuesday! Change comes and goes very quickly.

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