Sunday, December 18, 2016

Still going strong...

This has been such a fun fast transfer! 

My companion is still Sister Munk 
and we are still going to serve in the 
Fair Oaks 3 Ward and College Oak YSA!  
This transfer will be even quicker because it will only be five weeks! 

We have some new missionaries in the zone and it looks like we are going to have have fun and work hard in our areas.


Last week was amazing! 
We had MLC this week and it was bomb! I love learning more from the spirit of how I can help others and learn how I can become closer to me Savior. All I can say is that I am loving the Lord more. 

I am doing that 25 different ways in 25 days. I recommend that you all do this because I have been doing for a week and I can already see a difference for my love for him.

We have been working with Samantha this week and she is amazing!
Sister Munk, Shavani, Samantha and I went on a temple tour last
Saturday and it was fantastic! The Spirit was so strong! One of my
favorite parts was when she turned to me and said "you know I decide
and thought about, I am going to go on a mission." My heart started to
pound so hard! My jaw dropped and turned into a huge smile !  I am so excited for her to be baptized this Saturday! Another crazy that happened this week was when Sister Christoffersen ( my last companion)  came back with her Fiancé Daniel! I am so happy for them! It was really good to see her happy etc. 

Sister Munk and I were able to go attend Maria's baptism down in Elk Grove! 
Sister Jardine drove us there and it was nice to talk with her. She is awesome! 

I was able to teach Maria for a month and I was really bummed when she had to move about four weeks ago.  

BUT to be able to go see her be baptized --  WAS ONE FOR THE BOOKS!

After her baptism she sang  
" Teach Me to Walk in The Light". 
Tears went rolling down my face. 

I think that I turned into a crier. 
A big fat crier.

Yesterday we welcomed six new elders into our mission! 
One of the best things here in Carmichael is that when they come into the room we start singing 
"Called to Serve" Sacramento Mission style. 
I always like singing it loud and proud! 

Later that night we saw a man laying on the side of the road! So we pulled over and I yelled at him to see
if he is ok. no response but he was breathing so we went to our house which is right down the road to use Sister Morgans house phone because ours was dead to call 911. We went by a couple minutes later and he was gone in the ambulance. We both hope that he is ok.

Hope you all are doing great!!!! And that you are all safe!

PS Happy Birthday to my youngest brother- Leavitt!!!

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